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  • amazingraciey amazingraciey Jun 25, 2004 12:21 PM Flag

    I am new

    I got in today at 3.08 with 5000 shares, but i put a stop loss at 2.88, i am now worried that it will go below that and my order will get filled, the reason i put a stop loss is because it might go back to the low 2s and i don't want to lose that much. Xina's posts are scaring me, yet i wanted to take the chance. Anyone knows why this went down, it thought it hit bottom. Please respond.

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    • Xina,

      I kind of figured it was you. Thanks again. I will definately keep in touch with you. It is good to learn from both people's mistake and good choices.


    • I think I am in love - your calm words of truth and wisdom. Do you have a pic to go with your profile....ahhhhhh. My day is complete now.

    • Look I can be civil to people that are civil, now as for the rest of you that call me bitch and so forth, i have no good words for them. Aqua is long and he didn't bash my postings.

      If you knew anything about trading you wouldn't be posting in this kind of manner. Do you know that supply and demand drives the market up or down, so if it hadn't been for people like me then you wouldn't have any trades going on, you have to have shorts and longs. Positive and negative in order to create action. Now, if you guys are right it will hurt all us shorts and we will have to cover at the market price, right? So, you win we lose. and vice versa. So let everyone post what they want and who ever makes money more power to them. I wish this stock would go up to 4 for Aqua's sake so he can bail out, I have all the time in the world to wait, if it goes to 5 i will short some more, but ofcourse i will cover my position before it hits 3.50. I know i should've covered at 2 but i didn't. Do you think i'm the only one that makes mistakes, at least i admit it, but time will tell, let's see what happens.

    • Oh the kind and gentler side of Xina - I want some. I'll be careful.

    • This is a pump and dump. You just got dumped on. Read the SEC filings.

      There are over 6 million shares being dumped. The company just announced they will receive no immediate new revenue from new business they announced, yet they will incur expenses. The also stated in an SEC filing, that they have lost their largest customer which accounts for nearly 40% of their revenues.

      Thus, revenues will be down substantially, they have no new revenues coming in, and expenses will be up substantially. On top of this the comany just announced today that they effectively violated SEC Regulation FD.

    • Don't listen to me, do your own research, and if you really want to get some good advice, ask Trader only, all the rest don't know anything. Take out you stop loss, because when traders see that they will drag it down to swallow your shares, and it could go to 2.87 for a few seconds and then back up. Don't get me wrong, i am short on this stock, but that's my agenda. So do your dd, i could be wrong and i really don't want to be nasty with you, cos you sound very polite. As for megdalena, market makers stands for mm, i know you didn't know, but you were to embarrassed to ask so you made it look like i didn't know. That's okay, you can't know everything.

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