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  • mraccardi mraccardi Jul 8, 2004 2:53 PM Flag

    let's face it

    I agree that the one pop-that-will-make-us-millions is a serious long shot... but I mean, come on... they talk about pr pr pr and then they file some ridiculous form to tell us the VA signed back up... woopy! How about coming forward with some fucking news about this "Select Partner Program"?? Instead, we get shit and are left wondering, holding a loss... It is just really disconcerting, isn't it, when they say, over a month ago, they will have this and that and build this and relationship that and it's all for naught... I for one am sorely disappointed...

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    • skidup in nothing but a bonafide LIAR.
      NOBODY spends the amount of time that he spends in a chat room just to "save other investors." WHAT A JOKE!
      Further more, He is totally lying about the fundamentals of the company being substantially worse now. That is NOT in accordance with the filings nor is it in accordance with the last CC. Both the CFO and the CEO reported a 9% increase Q1/04 verses Q4/03.
      Skid, show us where the company recently revealed that they will be incurring additional expenses with NO accordant revenues!
      If a company files a misleading press release, why hasn't there been any lawsuits? This is nothing but a total LIE.

      even you, Skidmarks!

      maKin mon e

    • The fundamentals of the company are substantially worse now. I do not believe at the time that the company had notified the public about losing their largest customer and 40% of their revenue. Additionally, the company recently revealed that they will be incurring additional expenses with no accordant revenues.

      The stock rose based on a misleading press release about the business of the company at the time of a low float. Now 6 million shares can be added to the float at whim.

      As you can see by the price today, 10 dollars was not sustainable. Nor was 5 dollars nor was 3 dollars. We will soon see whether even 2 dollars is sustainable.

    • I believe we can CLEARLY identify skidmarks as a basher. I believe from another company.
      Why would someone spend the amount of study, which he misquotes, and time which he spends much of his day in this room.
      6 million share overhang: EVERY COMPANY HAS SHARES
      The business problems: What are they? Dah, EVERY biz has problems
      The misleading press releases: What are you lying about now? Give us some info?
      (VCMP thread: Notice skid NEVER tells us his intentions)

    • Skid were the fundamentals a whole lot better back in April when this went from 2.85 to $10??

    • Be, there is a difference between speculation and foolishness. There are many low priced stocks which I think have potential. That does not mean all penny stock, such as VCMP, are a wise choice.

      I do not like VCMP because of the 6 million share overhang, the business problems, the misleading press releases, and the very high market cap. You are entitled to your own opinion. I am not saying this stock cannot move up again, but it would be not be based on fundamentals and it would not be sustainable.

    • OK Skid Marks - I guess that applies to most all penny stocks, small caps and 50% of the other large cap stocks too. Some of it is fundamentals, some speculation, some float volume - that's the nature of the small cap stocks - what's your point? This is where we want to play. If I wanted AAA Bonds or Some other low/non-risk investment I'd be there. Sounds like that is for you - go find them and leave us alone!

    • Makin, do you understand the contents of your last post? I strongly suggest that you revise it or make redactions.

    • Be, You may want to reread my posts. I never had a long position in this stock.

      I knew it was a bad stock and a bad company by reading the SEC filings. Only very inexperienced traders or investors would ever consider owning a stock like VCMP -- particularly at the current absurdly high valuation. You seem to pin your hopes not on the fundamentals of the company but on the next sucker theory -- the premise that the company will issue another misleading press release so you can dump your shares on an unfortuntate speculator.

      I suggest you look at fundamentals when you buy stocks rather than hoping to make money based on false hype and misleading press releases.

    • VCMP is in negotiations with 10
      Exclusive agreements and are generally signed with 6 year contacts.

      $1.41million is the exact number for the lst Q/04, which is a 7% increase over the 4th Q 03 where they had 1.32 in tution. The companies TOTAL rev's in Q1 were 1.49 which was a 9% increase over 4thQ/03. They also ended the quarter with 5 million in cash. I don't believe your local gas station can say that.

      Besides that, We could really could care less if their rev's are as much as a filling station. They have a very viable business and are tapping into a sector of e-learning that has the potential of stellar growth.
      Homeland security is no little business and is a sector VCMP is going after vigorously.

      The company has to remain in stealth mode in order to eliminate competition until they secure the 10 or more partners they are pursuing and will have exclusive rights to these courses.

      Skid, You never have told the thread your intentions. What are they? Why are you here?
      (this ought to be good)

      maKin mon e

    • Skid Marks - Did you become Sooooooo smart after you bought VCMP and sold for a loss or before? If you "KNEW" it was such a bad investment and you bought in on it's way to $10 - shame on you - you are dumber than we thought. Now on the other hand, if you think that it has potential to turn the tide like all of us longs do and you are simply bashing becasue it has not happened are still stupid. I think you share one brain cell with your dog....and he has had it for a while.

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