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  • llj88us llj88us Jan 10, 2005 7:50 PM Flag

    Wait until Jan 20!

    If you want to sell VCMP, wait for 7 more trading days. Here is why:

    1. The naked short position (at least 3.5M shr is still open as per my estimate)will be forced to close out by Clearing Brokers on Jan 20, according to SEC Regulation SHO, if this large short position is not closed before Jan 20.

    2. Some day-traders may buy in if the shr price is up significantly during these 7 days.

    3. Any good news from....will blow up the naked shorts...

    4. Now the retail sellers are the only losers...MMs (or whoever they are) are working hard to get your share to reduce their short position...

    Let's see...

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    • tiger.mac Jan 11, 2005 8:34 AM Flag

      I agree with 7days run depends on if they are going to short it again at the high price...

      but, how do you figure out it's Jan 20????

      yesterday; 1/10 is the last 13 days for short at $3 from last run. if they open their short position today and cover every day to run for the coming days... that make sense.

    • "1. The naked short position (at least 3.5M shr"

      Would you guys stop your dam lying. You are so desperate to get your money back and get the hell out of here that you will say just about anything. Trying to sucker in some poor novice investor, huh guys?

      Let me tell you something. I play this stock for the pumps. If there was going to be a run because of this "Naked short covering", I would be the first one to be all over this stock like a fat boy on a doughnut.

      There isn't. Naked shorts were only a small portion of the total short position and in my estimation they have all been legitimized a long time ago. As far as you 3.5 million naked shorts...Are you smoking something? The total short position as of Dec 15 was a little over 100 thousand shares and as I said, the naked position at its peak would only be a small percentage of that. Far cry from 3.5 Million huh.

      Is there any one of you that has the character to stand up and admit that there is no naked short squeeze coming?....Any one of you fine upstanding individuals?

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      • <EOM>

      • Braindead,

        Aren't you the same person that ranted about how stupid everyone was for thinking VCMP would be on the SHO list? What happened there? Let's see, VCMP was on the list and still is.

        As for 3.5 million being naked shorted, it does seem high, but not impossible. One reason regulation SHO came about is because market makers often would naked short a stock's the entire float (creating a false 2:1 dilution so they could drive the price down). My guess is the market makers have about 500k to 2 million shares shorted in VCMP. No way they would try as hard as they did yesterday to manipulate the price (take out and hide high bids while placing false sell orders) unless they have substantial naked short position.

        Bottomline, market makers do have a large naked short position (obviously, they are on the SHO list). The market makers are trying ver hard to drive the price donw. They want you to think this isn't the case, because if people start holding the stock, the market makers are screwed. Rather than them taking everyone elses' money like normal, the market makers instead will be the ones getting screwed when they (by law) have cover their naked short positions within the next few weeks.

      • Make sense, Thanks for the good post.

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