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  • braindeadlong braindeadlong Jan 13, 2005 10:40 AM Flag

    Mr Steve F.

    "The naked shorts have to cover by the end of January, by law or face action by the SEC."

    I thought I read 100 posts on this board where it was the 20th?


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    • you do not have to read them if you don't like to,,

    • No extension.

      The rule is 13 business days to close out naked shorts (read it on the SEC page if you don't believe me).

      Some (myself included) originally thought it was 13 business days from the first day the market makers held at least 10,000 naked shorts in a stock. This day was January third for VCMP (when regulation SHO went into effect) and 13 business days later is the 20th (although its really the 21st accounting for MLK Day).

      However, after reading more on the SEC webpage, I found out it is 13 days after a stock goes on the "threshold list" that the market makers have to cover. VCMP went on this list January 10th. Thirteen business days later is January 27th.

      If you don't believe me on any of this, you can read it yourself on the SEC's webpage about regulation SHO

      The list of threshold securities (with VCMP on it) is here:

      I supposse you will now tell me the SEC is not real, but just some ficticious goverment agency that people have made up.

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      • Steve, it is not so much a matter of disagreeing with you...It is trying to rectify the gross discrepancy in forecasts from 1 week ago. 1 week ago there were post after post about this so called 3.5 million naked shorts that have to be covered by the 20th. I posted it was all crap and if this stock was going up , I would be in. So obviously I was stating it was going down. Quite a minority viewpoint on this board but once again (Check my track record)I spoke the truth and was right (You would almost think I did this for a living).

        So you made a mistake in the timeline for these 'so called' 3.5 million naked shorts that have to be covered. Thats o.k. Steve, we are all human, which means we all make simple errors. Nothing personal my friend.

        So you guys are calling for 3.5 million naked shorts to be covered in the next 10 trading days? My God that is 350,000 naked shorts coverings per day for the next 10 days....LOL.I guess I really am brain dead...I am still out.

        PS- You know what really hurts you? It is the fact that even the most wildest pumper on this board does not even try to pump this stock directly. The only material that you guys use anymore is some made up story about people being forced into buying this stock. That is a pretty said state of affairs in my opinion....

        Think about it, and take care.

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