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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Sep 20, 2005 2:10 PM Flag

    Good news today! We are under valued

    I bought more..I like this turnaround story..

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    • "..I like this turnaround story."

      Meg, they have been "turning around" every quarter since the beginning. With all that turning around, you think they would have gotten dizzy and fallen down by now.

      When are you going to learn that the only place they are going is into your pockets. Don't believe me?...Wait for the quarterly report. They can not get enough volume to dump off their freshly printed shares, so this report should have them out of compliance for Nazdaq listings.

      Then the fun begins...but from what I seen today as the response to their quarterly fluff PR, they are not fooling too may people anymore....Except of course for you Meg.

      By the way, remember last Thursday, 3 crazy buys for 1000 shares each that were timed to be well above the previous sale? The first one was right after the opening buy at 94 cents, someone(?) just had to have 1000 shares at $1.04?

      Honest buys or lame pump attempts? Do your DD. If you can not find the answer, then ask and I will give it to you.You know where I am going with this. If it was insiders, then it was an act of desperation, and if they were turning around then why do that? Think Meg, come on, I know you can do it.

      Maybe later on I will explain how bad that fluff PR was....It's all in the words used and the words not used.

    • If there was really a turnaround story here, there would be more than $10,000 worth of stock purchased by insiders over the last few years, especially at these "low" prices. Here are the only 3 insider purchases in the last few years. If they don't believe in their company, why should you?

      17-May-05 NELSON, CHRISTOPHER L.
      Chief Financial Officer 450 Direct Purchase at $0.99 - $1 per share. $4472

      16-May-05 NELSON, CHRISTOPHER L.
      Chief Financial Officer 1,000 Direct Purchase at $0.89 per share. $890

      13-May-05 KANNAN, NARASIMHAN P.
      Chief Executive Officer 5,000 Direct Purchase at $0.90 - $0.98 per share. $4,700