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  • skills2invest skills2invest Oct 20, 2005 11:16 AM Flag

    ********* How I Love VCMP ************

    Top ten reasons

    10 Kerry Frederick leaves fortune 500 company to join VCMP
    9 Stock is trading near 52 week low
    8 Last earnings report the issue saw 60% gain
    7 Support levels are forming
    6 50 day moving avg .98 cents
    5 Select Partners Program is growing at a rapid rate
    4 200 day moving avg 1.25
    3 Issue getting ready to report
    2 VCMP has been very beneficial to me in the past

    ** 1 ** I have 10,000 reasons to support this issue right now!

    Show short sellers you have a mind of your own and buy VCMP today

    Skills2invest / Marci

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    • Hey Marci!

      I wanted to tell you my broker is still recommending purchase of VCMP at the current levels & stated his research dept agrees with your price target of 1.01, but he said in 45 trading days!

      Have a nice day!

      • 4 Replies to longhorn2618
      • Hi Longhorn2618

        Sorry I did not get back to you yesterday. The 1.01 target price was from 12 different penny stock analyst. Not one was bearish about VCMP. I am really looking for the stock to trade above 1.24 and peek around 1.36.

        From yesterday's close & today�s open you could have a terrific return is still very bullish on VCMP check it out

        Remember 1 or 2 people with multiple handles are harassing VCMP message board. They should be ashamed of their actions & they will be proved WRONG in due time!

        Remember buy low & sell high to lock in on profits.

        Have a nice Weekend!
        Skills2invest / Marci

      • That is so funny: you paid a broker to give you a stock that is down almost 100% since you bought actually paid for that advice. Why not read the message boards and you would know this company won't survive. Can you read Financial Statements and listen to Conference Calls? Obviously not!

        So Desperate you are to get out of this stock. Good luck. maybe you'll see another pump and dump soon. It's happened a half dozen times in the past 2 years.

      • Your broker's research department has been wrong for the past several years. He hasn't gotten it right for even one month. Keep giving your broker money and these shorts nice profits. You are loved by many here. Keep making the shorts money. Thanks!

      • Hey longhorn,

        if your broker needs a research department that comes up with a BUY rating for vcmp and agrees with Marci's target, your broker is an idiot, which makes you one as well.

        My broker's research dept. said vcmp will be delisted and that anyone invested here is a bagholder.

    • Marci, your posts are starting to show a real sign of desperation. I hope you get what you are looking for, but I only see more losses in your future. You have no idea what you've gotten into.



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