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  • dontrump7 dontrump7 Nov 9, 2005 8:18 PM Flag



    Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months
    Shares Purchased - 6,450
    Transactions - 2

    What a Joke. How can any pumper really believe in VCMP with this lack of insider activity when the stock is trading at such a low price. The insiders OBVIOUSLY know this is not a good investment.

    Anyone pumping this stock is just that....a pumper. They already lost their shirts. Don't lose yours as well.

    Can any pumper possibly defend the lack of insider purchases when the stock is trading at $0.50. I mean.....Seriously! So sad. See you on the pinks in the '06. By then, your message board will have been deleted.

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    • "This stock will trade around 04 to 07cents come tuesday." probably wouldnt even trade that low if they declared BK...but if you're a gambler I'll wager $5k that VCMP stock doesn't hit .04 to .07 on 11/15/2005...I'd even be happy to let a 3rd party hold the funds untill then...

      A wise man once said "It's better to remain silent and have people think you a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

      happy trading

    • Insiders are restricted from buying before earnings announcements and big contract announcements. That is the reason they are not buying. They bought before at a much higher level. See ya soon after a big upward move.
      Disclaimer : Sell or short if you want. I care less.

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