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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Nov 17, 2005 6:58 PM Flag

    Bashers are shamed!

    Where is the genuis who made that 7 c prediction ? If you basher pigs have any of your honest bones left, quit in shame. Never show up again.

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    • I am still around and will be for a short time. This crap is down big time from it's 52 week high and you're bragging. what a joke.

      I am not ashamed to post. Infact, you are the one that should be ashmed for pumping this loser. Some people have some nerve!!!! If I was in your place I would be very very embarrased to post let alone pump.

      We bashers are proud and we prove it by keeping our same identitiy, unlike you who posts with three differnt one.


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      • hey lala

        just wanted to update you on my horrible investment (as you called it)...

        in last friday at .43
        out this friday at .60

        lets see...rounded up thats a 40% profit in 1 week....and that equates to a 2080% annualized return...

        I usually try to get at least 50%+ but I figured 40% wasnt bad....and I'll probably take it for another ride if it keeps trending up...

        Good thing I didnt take your advice about it going to $0.07...or the 'tax loss' thing you girls tried to mount...that was priceless...

        Happy Trading!

    • You make it sound like VCMP is doing well. Did you know it's down 75% YTD and you are down 80% since your entry price of $2.85. How can you be so elated? Seriously? Please answer this and I promise I won't post here anymore. In a few months when VCMP is delisted, no one will be posting here since the message board will no longer exist.

      In all honesty, Strongus2005, please tell me why you are so happy when you are down so much. If the stock was at $2 with volume in the millions, I can understand getting excited again, but come on, do you see the current price. How can you feel like this now. Please answer and I will keep my word. I beg of you. Make us all understand. That's a challenge. I hope you are man enought to answer such a simple question.