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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Nov 21, 2005 7:29 PM Flag

    Open letter to Bashers

    Please learn some math soon. There is some thing called dollar cost averaging. No one is stupid enough not to take profit when the stock goes up. I keep a core position and trade around it. I don't have to answer if you just bring a very high randon entry price. I am a winner (born one at that) and you are all some sadass losers. Bye Bye.
    GO VCAMPUS. MOMO will take this puppy up..

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    • "I am a winner (born one at that)"

      LOL...How could I ever totally walk away from this board? Between these idiots running this sham, to the fantasy players posting, it is top notch entertainment.

      Ok Strong Gas, in your world you are a winner, but in our world (The one where the laws of mathematics apply), you are up to your gonads in this crap.

      Me Strongus, me have rocket ship!

      Strongus rocket ship go to moon!

      Some buy ticket on Strongus rocket ship to moon!

      Strongus rocket ship to moon not go up!

      Some say Strongus rocket ship to moon have no gas!

      Some say Strongus full of gas!

      Some say Strongus don't know his gas from a hole in the ground!

      Strongus say rocket ship to moon run on MOMO gas!

      MOMO's ask Braindead if Strongus sniff the gas!

      Braindead tell MOMO's Strongus rocket ship to moon live in Strongus head!

      MOMO's ask Braindead where that is!

      Braindead tell MOMO's same place where Strongus have gas.

      Oh crap buddy, when I try to figure out how this lame ass company can fool people to the degree that they have, I just have to read a few of your posts...LOL

      Keep on posting. After a day of market play, you are great comic relief.

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