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  • notoomuch notoomuch Jun 4, 1998 1:23 PM Flag


    If these deals are so huge, why is the stock price still falling? It has been in a downward spiral since the purchase of HTR in November. Is there any correlation here?

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    • Unfortunately, poor cash flow and huge egos have
      prevented HTR/UOL from recruiting the kind of heavy-hitting
      talent that could make a difference.

      However, in
      the wake of the recent dismissal of the CEO, a few
      highly-paid VPs and directors, and a whole division, things
      will change. For better or worse? -- that remains to
      be seen.

    • Perhaps UOL should consider bringing in some turn
      around people to take over the executive ranks? Two poor
      sales and marketing cultures do not a profit making
      venture make.

      There are plenty of retired
      executives who after a successful and profitable career go
      into companies with poor strategy, sales, and
      marketing infrastructures and turn them into money making
      ventures making money for the shareholders and


      Ted Arsan

    • Both UOL and HTR are weak at marketing their
      products and services. Seems that if there was some
      serious strategic and tactical planning for moving all
      that content - content that wasn't *really* freely
      acquired - there might be hope.

    • Don't hurt yourself jumping to conclusions.

    • Looks like time for reorganization, some corporate cost cutting perhaps in preparation for the big sellout!

    • My message was not "classic company line". In a
      round about way, it says "Pee or get off the Pot". If
      you have such tight financial ties to UOLP, then
      offer your suggestions. I assume "financial ties" means
      that you're a stockholder. If so, then in my opinion,
      (yes I know what opinions are like :-}) you have
      something of an obligation or duty to present your ideas of
      corrective measures. Anyone with a 6th grade education can
      follow the UOLP stock trends and this message board and
      lob criticism. You strike me as someone with
      substantial more intelligence than a 12-year-old does. What
      say you? If you feel that UOLP should change one
      thing or another, then become a "content provider" and
      offer your thoughts. Otherwise you sound like an
      armchair quarterback during a Monday night football game.

    • I was wondering when someone would appear to
      spout the classic company line. The background
      information on this site, while of some interest to those of
      us with financial ties to UOLP is no different from
      what you can find under messages for say, General
      Motors, and most likely a bit more civil.
      My concern
      is when compared with competing on-line content
      providers UOLP offers little in the way of innovation. In a
      way it is similar to early investors in the cellular
      phone industry who applied for licenses with no
      intention of ever providing the service, but with their
      focus on hopes of selling out to a qualified carrier
      with deep pockets. Until bandwith issues are resolved
      this remains a nice sidebar story.

    • it has nothing to do with me eihter. Focus on the "thing."

    • toasty toast.

      UOL is still a bargain.
      "family ties" discounted, it's a deal. Focus on the day.
      I say buy and forget the Indian vs Iranian stuff.
      30 some messages were focused on the wrong thing.
      Look at on-line revenue. There is the

      You decide. It has nothing to do with family.

    • It seems to me that there's an awful lot of
      whining going on here. The amount of denigration and
      vilification of UOL Publishing Inc., and specifically its
      subsiderary HTR Inc. seems to have taken on a personal tone.
      Did someone lose the family fortune or farm due to
      UOL's falling stock, or is your life so devoid of
      substance that you feel you have nothing better to do than
      to launch attacks against UOL Publishing? What's the
      hidden agenda? This company has suffered some of the
      same pitfalls as many other companies. Nowhere in
      UOL's mission statement does it promise a rose garden,
      nor does it say that UOL is the answer for all that
      is wrong with small/medium size businesses. While I
      do empathise with those of you lost money playing
      the stock market; play with fire and you're liable to
      get burned. Do you go crying to Donald Trump when you
      drop several grand in one of his casinos, or do you
      chock it up to experience and the nature of the beast.
      Go figure.

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