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  • SonNumberOne SonNumberOne Nov 13, 1998 1:46 PM Flag

    So what the hell happened today?


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    • This company will NEVER post a profit. I would never invest in it.

    • I agree that a review of prior Q's/K's is
      important, however, those items only provide historical
      information. I am more concerned with the future. Has anybody
      spoken with mgmt lately, and if so, are the fundamentals
      improving. On a price/revenue basis, UOL looks quite
      attractive. Also, with small float and internet mania, this
      thing could POP!! Any thoughts? The stud is snooping

    • simply informing the thread that there would be
      interest in the company--its a free service-I did not buy
      uolp-just stood on the sidelines and watched it--It's
      important to be informed as an investor what the daytraders
      are looking at and how short term momemtum occurs in
      stocks--the upside in uolp could have been a good exit point
      for many investors who held this stock and were
      looking to get out-Continuing with this subject of short
      term trades check out is trial
      basis you can try out this email--you might find it
      very interesting--I bought SOF @ 15 but first I
      checked out the volume-charts etc. the stock now trades @
      almost 18 in 2 days--Again I'm not touting this
      newsletter just trying to stay ahead of the game--Good luck
      to all

    • My ears are still ringing with the PR Buzz.
      Funny, InternetStockReview should have found the
      following information online. I guess they must have missed
      the following headlines their "quick scan" of the
      press releases...

      UOL Publishing Inc. Posts
      $0.43 3Q Loss vs. $0.02 Loss - Standard & Poors
      Publishing Q3 shr loss widens - Reuters
      UOL Publishing,
      Inc. Secures New Credit Facilities from Imperial Bank
      And Sand Hill Capital - PR Newswire - 11:28

      Their losses are continuing to widen. See last quarters
      numbers and you'll see a company that can only dream of
      being cash positive. And still no news on where there
      next credit line is coming from.


    • Take a look at the aforementioned website...its a
      PR firm, we have tons of them here in Silicon Valley
      who try to create a positive buzz regarding
      clients/potential clients. And as for heavy hitters, they are
      typically aquired by several means. According to Technology
      Training magazine Motorola for instance has developed its
      own sophisticted web based platform to meet needs of
      engineering based community worldwide,are they actually
      customers of a generic program consiting of eletronic page
      turning ? And by the way when a stock goes from 24 to 5
      calling it a drift is being very kind !

    • We spoke to a couple analysts today that were
      positively rabid about theprospects of an unknown Internet
      play called UOL Publishing (UOLP) $5 3/8.Their
      feelings was that the company could turn profitable as
      early as nextyearon $30-$35 million in sales. Trailing
      twelve months sales were $15 million andthe company
      reportedly turned cash flow positive in September.There are
      3.8 million shares outstanding with 1.1 million in
      the float. We attempted to call management, but they
      were gone for the day. We'll tryagain tomorrow. The
      company was an IPO from Freidman Billings. We call
      itunknown because it is A) followed by only one firm
      (probably Freidman) and B)drifted from $24 in October and
      is just now beginning to show some signs ofrecovery,
      up a point today on 89,000 shares.Briefly, the
      company is in the corporate educational market and
      they're doingit via the web. A quick scan of the press
      releases show they've signed someheavy hitter clients
      (Lucent, Motorola, Autodesk, State Farm, Fidelity,
      DeltaAirlines, Bell South etc). Take a class yourself
      (compliments of us !) fromUOLon how to download Netscape
      plug-ins. Netscape Plug-In
      Course: Publishing8250 Greensboro DriveSuite 500McLean,
      VA 22102Nat Kannan (Investor Contact)703-893-7800

    • or a copy of the report?

    • UOLP was written up in THE INTERNET STOCK REVIEW with quite positive comments--

    • Anything "on-line" is pretty hot right now. went public at about $9 and traded up to somewhere around $66.

      • 2 Replies to lcookx
      • Major upswings in a period of minutes are not the
        result of general internet stock interest.
        I was
        looking for some insight into behind-the-scenes
        manipulation. I suspect there's some information like a buyout
        or new major contract or earnings that got out to a

      • Quality online stock offerings, born of modest
        parents, well thought out and innovative, marketing savy
        with a touch of pizzaz are the darlings of Wall
        Street. Poorly run organizations that lack direction and
        a cohesive philsophy will be bought out by superior
        corporations, or washout as competition heats up.
        I suggest
        you research this one carefully before you miss out
        on a solid investment opportunity.

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