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  • i_pick_loosers i_pick_loosers Mar 2, 1999 5:33 PM Flag


    This is the stock I have been looking
    online school is definitely gonna
    just keep getting
    bigger.. Think UOLP
    is way undervalued and will
    turn up after earnings..

    Any of you
    veterans out there know of any
    other publicly traded
    companies that do
    this kind of thing, I would like to do

    some comparison shopping before investing
    my hard
    earned $$$.. Thanks to anyone
    that replies, and Good
    Luck to you all!!!

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    • And that's just an 'r' away from our favorite
      Wall Street word, 'gain'. So maybe this is all cryptic
      code-speak for big near term gains in UOL. I've seen weirder
      methods for predicting stock movements.

      Maybe we
      should reccomend that UOL start an on-line spelling
      class. Surely that ought to bring in some

      And no, $25 isn't unreasonable, but it sure seems pie
      in the sky for something as obscure as UOL. I think
      UOL is going to have to prove itself, big time,
      before serious investors ante up and buy in. I can wait,
      but would like to see $10 in the near (three month)

      Any idea who UOL's major competitors are?

    • the fish. Are you saying that people in Sonoma
      eat fish bread? Only kidding. I have never been a
      good speller myself and I really never cared. You
      don't need to spell well in order to UOLP and make some
      $$$. I don't think $25 is unreasonable these days,
      especially for an internet stock that makes money.

    • Isn't Spelt a kind of flour? In my neck of the
      woods (Sonoma county, NoCal) we eat 'Spelt' bread. It's
      kind of dense (no pun intended!).
      But the point is
      well taken. Typos occur for all kinds of reasons-from
      English not being a native language to rapid fire
      writing. Criticism of them really has no place on a
      message board. Let's keep this one from deteriorating
      into the mud-slinging drivel that consumes so many
      other boards. We all have a shared interest in UOL;
      it'd be so refreshing to keep our focus

      Am happy to see UOL hanging in there at $4. I think
      aspirations toward a $25 price may be a bit lofty. And yeah,
      certainly the future, if management performs, is where UOL
      will truly reward investors.

    • I think UOLP will re-test its old
      high of
      $25/shr set in September 97.
      Don't think it will
      happen today or
      next week, but, if they really
      turned the corner and can turn those
      revenue gains
      into profits, $25/shr
      is definitely possible.

    • I gotta remember that one. I agree, this is not a
      spelling contest and we should also be careful of the
      names we use to address eachother. This is supposed to
      be both informative and fun. Any feelings on the
      stock? I think that it is going way higher.

    • You're obviously not the spelling expert, so
      don't point out others' mistakes... Last I checked,
      there's no such word as spelt. Could you be thinking of

      Enough with the spelling lessons - can we
      get back to talking about UOLP??

    • I miss one letter in a message I type in 15
      seconds you LOSER. I don't make up a name, and then SPELL
      it wrong. And I wasn't RAGGING on him, I was simply
      pointing it OUT.

      BTW, "proof-read" is spelt with
      the hyphen...

    • Proofread your message, comport9. Is it "to bad" or "too bad"? It's really too bad you can't type couple of sentences without error yourself. Know thy self before you rag on someone else!

    • You spelt LOSER wrong. Just 1 'O', not 2. Else it becomes, "This bolt is LOOSE.". Ahh hell, to bad I can't SAY it. I can only TYPE it...

    • You didn't misspell "winners"
      Why misspell "losers"?

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