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  • i_pick_loosers i_pick_loosers Apr 9, 1999 5:11 PM Flag

    7th level

    Can someone clue me in .... Just checked
    out from the
    following news

    UOLP's site is much better, and, UOLP has more

    revenues, and UOLP seems to have a better business
    yet UOLP is about one tenth the marketcap
    SEVL... Does anyone know what SEVL is doing
    right that
    UOLP is not? Shirl this is your big
    chance to make
    me look like a jackass... If you
    do know why
    SEVL has a brighter future than UOLP,
    I'll take
    back all the rotten stuff I said...

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    • ShirlBabe25 58,
      I ain't talkin bout buyin at
      the 52 week high, an I shua dint buy at the 2-year
      high, so I'll jus be satisfied wid my current state of
      cap gains till it goes higher. And I didn't buy any
      udder "latest internet plays" eider. I'm enjoyin my
      lack o misfortune sofar, and wishyadabest also. Glad
      ta see ya can take it as well as dishitout...

    • UOL's main business is in Web Based Training,
      WBT, and not CBT.
      CBT courses are mostly sold in
      formats such as floppies or CD roms.

      Also, I
      believe that every internet company goes through a
      where the stock price shoots up from an IPO and then
      bottoms out.
      UOL is in a recovery stage and I'm
      expecting it to go way up.



    • I do know this stock will be slow to go up if it
      does. Maybe the should sell off all there non-internet
      products and focus only on internet CBT.

      I also
      know I have seen this stock hit the mid 20s only drop,
      and then it hasn't seen that high since. This company
      hasn't been public long, but I wouldn't get too excited
      about little increases.


    • This is a post what'cha know board and if'n you only knew!!!!!!!!!

    • >Like I tried ta tellya in my earlier posts,

      >dis is da place ta be, but ifn ya wanna badmouth

      >the stock, ya belong somewhere's else...

      last I checked this was a message board for the stock
      UOLP, but I could be wrong. I don't think it is a "Hey
      everybody we're oing to get rich" board.

      I must
      must have been mistaken when I thought message boards
      were for posting good and bad news. you know the trade
      of information?


    • UOL has always pitched to the investment that
      they are an "Internet Only" company. With the
      impending divestitures, won't they be just that??? Can we

      Hold on to your hats!!!

    • merely offering a different opinion from someone
      in the training field who is aware of alternatives
      as balance of comments by those seeking profit from
      "latest internet play". The Tellabs announcment comes at
      a critical point for UOLP, which they need to
      capitalize on.I defer to finance experts but seem to notice
      that while the most recent increase is admirable
      current trading remains at 1/2 of 52 week high, less then
      25% of 2-year. I wish you luck.

    • You need to find a better hobby. Perhaps the Victoria's Secret homepage...


    • She was badmouthin this Co. for way too short... oops, ulterior motives...Looks like she be gone...

      Good luck longs, watch the profit taking, but don't get shaken out...

    • I'm liking this totally!!

      Like I tried ta
      tellya in my earlier posts, dis is da place ta be, but
      ifn ya wanna badmouth the stock, ya belong
      somewhere's else...

      Diggin the cap gains sofar....

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