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  • dferry_99 dferry_99 Jan 10, 2000 3:06 PM Flag to buy V campus?

    Is that why the stock is up, Paul Allen's company "Click2learn" is going to buy it ?

    Does anyone know ?

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    • Thanks for input. What's your read on ECLG and CLBR?

    • Yes. I was an insider. But now, I am a happy ex
      not an angry ex like yourself. You still do not make
      any sense with this statement,"VC decided to use
      Netscape as their 'Cutting edge tool', and not have the VC
      support IE." A browser is a browser. The only difference
      is that Netscape followed the javascript standards
      and Microsoft wrote their own javascript engine
      called jscript. Now, does VCampus follow standards or
      follow Microsoft?

      Also which web tools are you
      refering too?

      It seems that you might have been on
      the management team at VCampus and was one of the
      ones that was let go awhile back. When VCampus decided
      to go more technology and away from publishing.
      Sorry that you were cut, but hey, there are plenty of
      jobs out there for angry, depressed

      You've already made up your mind about VCampus so no
      arguing here. But, I think that VCampus has a great
      product and are on an upward track to becoming
      profitable. Which should be 3rd or 4th quarter, then BAM! the
      stock will be at $30.

      Yea, yea, yea don't even
      bother replying to this message. You're gonna call me a
      dreamer and once again say bad things about VCampus.
      Well, your glass is half empty but mine is half full.

    • I saw some real large orders go through on the real-time quotes.

    • Anyone want to make a bet that this stock hits 12 in the next 3 weeks.Has anyone heard any news at all?Rumors of buyout are they true?If so who are the candidates?Hampdoc