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  • pad_rad pad_rad Jun 20, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    It's time to start complaining to the DTO managers

    Deutsche Bank run these shares, not some back street shark. I know the prospectus is so complicated it would take a genius to work out the fees but the bottom line is this

    October 11th 2011 the price of WTI was $81

    October 11th 2011 the price of DTO was $62

    Today DTO is at $56. That's a loss of about 10% in less than a year.

    This may have something to do with the fact that DTO calculations also involve the value of Treasury Bills, but not sure if their price change has helped or harmed the price of DTO

    There seem to be too many times that DTO only exactly mirrors a double relationship when WTI goes up, not down, We also had the crazy situations like this posted here from the last month
    WTI Crude only up .60 (+.73%), yet DTO traded down $2.36 (-4.21%)
    Oil down 1.7%, DTO up 1.4%.

    These are the published fees
    Expense Ratio 0.75%
    Gross Expense Ratio 0.75%
    Net Expense Ratio 0.75%
    Management Fee 0.75%

    To complain or ask for clarification ring this number
    PowerShares Client Services
    M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., CST
    800 983 0903
    630 933 9600

    Maybe if we kick up enough fuss on this board and in the media, Powershares will take notice and realise that this "double short oil" stock isn't exactly a stock that is double short oil.

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