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  • carolledavebooks carolledavebooks Jun 14, 2010 7:18 PM Flag

    Picked up 8000 shares today...

    Hey Mr. Jii. I've missed your presence on these here yahoo boards.

    I bought a few more at 2.88 today... I think anything under 4 dollars is very cheap.

    This stock has been very steady over the last half year, and has turned out to be a quite stress-free holding in a very stressed out environment.

    2nd quarter results will be quite good as 2 hospitals will come fully back in line. AMS earnings amortizes their machines, whether they are used or not, so to have two machines go from net income negative to (most likely) net income producers should send quarterly earnings to about 300-450K for the foreseeable future; without any help from PBRT.


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    • Hey Dave, thanks for the welcome back. I agree with you that results from their legacy business should steadily improve over the quarters and their peru project shows that international opportunities provide a pathway for expansion they had not accessed previously. The legacy business has actually turned into a growth area and I am glad they did not sell it. That said, we are all here for the protons, and I think the 3rd or 4th quarter may light that fuse if Varian gets their approval. The Kettering announcement was so huge for AMS. A real committed partner who wants badly to be in this business and is willing to commit resources is just the kind of partner relationship AMS needed to launch their first multi-treatment site. I am also keeping my eye on their somewhat mysterious san francisco project. As they and Varian are both located in and near that city, I think they will both want a showcase project that could be a monster for AMS. I still don't think anyone other than a handful of people have modeled out the numbers on these projects and the three announced still river projects and what they could mean for ams. Its astounding how unaware investors are of this company, but not for long, in my opinion. This will be fun. jii

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      • Thanks for those insights, Mr Jii.

        Do you have an opinion on UUU?

        I sold 6 months ago at 5.40, but I repurchased some recently after the recent drop.
        I don't know much about how their new alarms operate, how they have a technological advantage on their competitors, or how much sales they will produce.

        What I do know is they have almost no debt, lots of assets locked up in the HKJV, plenty of cash again, and continue to generate positive operating cash flow and net income despite the weak housing situation.

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