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  • wheizer wheizer May 17, 2007 5:40 PM Flag

    anyone home?

    I started looking at his top holdings from last quarter and nibbled at two that have turned out pretty good so far. First was US Gold which I purchased at $4.20 and within two weeks announced promising field results which spiked price almost to $7.00. Got greedy and didn't cash out. Price is now about $5.30. May buy some more for another run up. I've noticed that he has reduced his holding in UXG but looks like a pretty good company. Everything I read about the CEO was very positive. Am also following NAK but haven't pulled trigger yet.
    Second purchase was Webzen (WZEN)at $3.84 now at $4.85. Will probably sell as soon as this small run up slows down.
    Just starting to look at his more current holdings. Looks like he goes after stocks that have been beaten down recently.
    With his track record over the last couple of years he seems to be doing something right. With the funds high turnover rate I view these as short term stocks.