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  • the_oracle_us the_oracle_us Mar 18, 2003 8:04 PM Flag

    All longs read (incredible)

    I have been asking for three days for a long to post that is buying at these levels. I am not saying you are crazy, for all I know you may hit the jackpot. I have not gotten one, not ONE reply from a buyer. I am asking again now. Please post if you are buying. I find it astonishing that we can not find one person that is interested in buying mxim for three days and it has not dropped. In fact it has risen even more. I could not imagine even finding a board to post on where I cant find someone that wants to buy the stock....any comments

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    • Oracle, like I explained 6 months or so ago, here's my strategy:

      1) I own, and want to keep owning 15000 shares till the end of times (I know the company very well).

      2) Whenever it goes up 5-10$ I sell 2-3000.

      3) Then I rebuy them when they drop by the same or close amount.

      This permits me making money (like shorts) while I wait for the astonishing price this stock will have in 10 years (believe me it will be the number 1 analog semi in the world).

      Anything wrong with this strategy?

      So far I made 115000$ from Sept. to Feb.

      I got some nasty answers from some old shorts back then, and I still don't understand why.

      (In essence what I think I am doing is being short in the short term, and long in the long term, is this correct?, I never use trading options, since I don't understand them well and with my strategy I rest peacefully each night, no timing deadlines).

      Thanks in advance for your insights.

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      • That was a great post and reply....a great strategy too.........I may have to try that on some channeling stocks mom is very very conservative and trades like you do....she always wins that those old guys that always woop me in golf...I drive 300+ they drive 175+-. When the day is done, there score is always better. Straight and steady....when it works, stick with it

      • techforever,

        Hey, if it works, continue to use it. I do the same with the one stock I always have a position in. When I think it's peaking on the Daily and Weekly, I sell 1/3, then another 1/3 if it starts down. When I think the bottoms in on the Daily and Weekly, I buy 1/3 back and then another 1/3 if the move is confirmed.

        Made a lot of money over the years on this method.


    • It will be hard to get a reply from any longs as 90% of the float is owned by institutions. The rest of the buyers might be day traders and shorts covering.

      Therefore, this is one Manipulated stock. Insiders have been selling since last year and there are very few directors (maybe 3) or VPs with substantial positions (more than 10,000).

      Most likely we have institutions pushing for this war rally to sell into it. One of the largest holders is AXA Financial, which as any other insurer must be needy for cash as it has been reported in several analyst reports and news regarding the insurance/reinsurance industry.

      We might see a few more days/weeks of manipulation but this stock looks similar to GNSS when it was trading at 60s-70s range. It was going higher while everybody was jumping out. Someday it will open 30% lower but not before institutions end their sick game.

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