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  • eager_and_innocent eager_and_innocent Jun 19, 2007 10:53 PM Flag

    Advice from Board about Working for Maxim


    I just got an offer to work for Maxim. Salary little lower than what my career services center said I should be getting. My boss said that this is a great place to work with a lot of opportunity. "Maxim is going places."

    I'm in ROTC and do a lot of volunteer work. I have a Ph.D. from Stanford. I work hard but like to lead a balanced harmonious life. I don't want to be a millionaire. I just want to be happy and treat my fellow man with respect.

    Is Maxim a place for good place? I have some friends that work for Google and would like to work in that kind of fun, dynamic atmosphere, but they are not looking for people with 5 patents in IC design.

    Can anyone here give me the the truth?


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    • The only thing maxim spreads around is "fertilizer", not knowledge.

    • Sounds like he fits in well with the rest of the maxim management crew, incompetent but "well connected at the top". Thats all that counts at maxim.

      One flesh peddler told me he likes maxim since they don't discriminate on the basis of Race, Religion, Politics or Ability.

    • >>Hi,
      >>I just got an offer to work for Maxim. Salary little lower >>than what my career services center said I should be >>getting.

      Congratulations. It better than being a starving student.

      >>My boss said that this is a great place to work >>with a >>lot of opportunity. "Maxim is going places."

      Same statement when I interviewed with them after graduation.

      A company is always going places. Out of business, sued, or growing, they are all going to some place.

      >>I'm in ROTC and do a lot of volunteer work. I have a Ph.D. >>from Stanford.

      Good for you. At least you give something back the world.

      >>I work hard but like to lead a balanced harmonious life.

      Work != Balance.

      If you want that, go work for a non-profit or the peace-corps.

      Someone giving you money for your work, not for being happy.

      They can call you a butt-head and dirt bag all day, but if you want money, you'd better suck it up!

      >>I don't want to be a millionaire. I just want to be happy >>and treat my fellow man with respect.

      You pick THE WRONG career then. This is a dog eat dog world. Maxim has its pluses an minuses.

      For example:

      This is exactly when the Hiring manager told me: Normally we are 35% less than the normal market rate for your job. But we give you quite a bit of stock options. So we need you to show some effort in having the opportunity to work for Maxim.

      So if you outperform continuously, we'll give you more stock options. But your base salary will get standard 3-5% increase per year. NO MORE.

      >>Is Maxim a place for good place? I have some friends that >>work for Google and would like to work in that kind of >>fun, dynamic atmosphere, but they are not looking for >>people with 5 patents in IC design.

      Go to google then, but your example is an oddity in the tech area. Its a dot-com that survived and prospered.

      >>Can anyone here give me the the truth?
      The truth lies in yourself, don't ask anyone else. Nobody can give you the "true" answer.

      >> Thanks.

      Good Luck in your new venture. No get your butt off the internet and work on that new part that is coming out of the fab, you.... New hire.

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      • Well, all these angry and emotional responses from bitter ex employees. As an independent investor and professional recruiter, these posts are amusing and for someone (If really a Phd from Stanford looking for advice on this board) is looking to use these posts to make an employment decision, that is strange.

        From what my friends have told me, Maxim is paying people pretty well these days...they have to in order to hire good employees. Under the market wage? Not what I have heard in terms of direct compensation. Not many people value stock options anymore unless you are working for Apple I guess, so, LLTC, ADI, MXIM they all have to pay the proper going wage these days.

        There will always be negative people out there but the facts are that MXIM is just one of many companies in the world to work for, competing for the same talent.

        All the people I have known who worked at MXIM got 8-10% raises. I never heard of anyone getting a 3-5% raise, unless they were not performing or on their way out the door. I know many people that work at ADI, LLTC, TI, etc.. that did only get 3-5% raises, when my friends at MXIM all got 8-10% raises.

        My point is that work "rewards and happiness"(wherever you end up) will simply be up to you. If you come to work on time, do excellent work, get your tasks done on schedule, achieve and be creative, work hard and smart.... you will do well. At MXIM or any other company like Google or Apple or ADI or LLTC or anywhere. Your work will be what it is, depending on the type of person you are and the character you have.

        Good luck in your endeavors. If you are using the advice from this board to make a decision, I would heed mostly the non-thrashing advice because the angry posts are much too emotional and come from ex employees. If you need to make a decision, ask the HR department at the company if you can talk to some recent new hires (1yr or less).

        From what I know about human nature, if you are angry enough to bad-mouth anyone, then there is obviously a lot of envy and emotion that still ties one to that person/place or thing.

    • It's not looking good for Maxim right now. I have to give them a response next week. I have other offers on the table as well, but they don't take full advantage of my circuit design skills - especially my patents on modelling LC.

      Google's motto is "Do no evil." From these posts, Maxim's maxim seems be "Do evil." In this case no way am I going to Maxim.

      Why are people rating my first post so low? I have nothing positive nor negative to say.

      Any other advice out there?


    • Dear Friend ,not too long ago somebody did the same question on this board.This were his findings:

      "Thanks for the advice everyone! Here is a summary of your comments:

      1. The company has screwed stockholders of billions of dollars. It looks like if you calculated how much equity the company stole for the use of options and backdating, the company has never made money at all. This accounts for the success they have underpaying their employees. The company has been sucessful at printing funny money to buy manufacturing equipment and underpay their people. This is a major reason of the crude nature of the company, they are basically all criminals if they have received options. When guilty deny, deny, deny like O.J. Simpson i guess.

      2. The gig is up. The stock will not grow like it used to so no one with a brain or of quality would ever work there. Therefore, the company is bringing cheap engineers from overseas or fresh out of second rate U.S. universities and underpaying them. This lack of quality in their employee base is resulting in the company's lackluster performance. Additionally, all the engineers and managers who could leave have left. The ones who are left are backstabbing idiots.

      3. There are a lot of angry ex-employees who left to better places and are getting paid more. However, they are so angry that they post and help out potential maxim employees by telling them the truth about the hell hole that is this company.

      4. Managers post here too but give no advice to a potential employee. However, these managers are so arrogant as to think the ex-employees that post here cannot find a job. Maybe they found a better job? If they left a bad place such as this company, they probably are smart enough and have the integrity to work in real corporate environment.

      In conclusion, I will take my ability to make companies tens of millions of dollars and bring in customers as well as create and lead strong engineering teams elsewhere and not this company.

      Thanks everyone for your advice.

      As for the managers who have nothing good to say about where you work but attack the ex-employees who are at better get what you deserve.

      God Bless,

    • If I were you........
      I'd find a way to work at Google. Google is much
      more dynamic than Maxim. Managers ALWAYS talk up
      their company without exceptions. It's a recruiting
      strategy. Remember...if they want you they'll try to
      sell you on the company in a very non-objective way.
      NEVER listen to the hiring manager's sales pitch.
      ALWAYS find out from a diverse cross-section of workers
      what things are REALLY like.

      Best of luck...I'm sure you'll do fine as long as you
      are cautious.

    • good place to work. If you are hard worker go for MXIM. If you are looking for fun go for GOOG.

      Good luck

    • At any company you know at least one person. Use your network. Do not rely on the people from this board, either pro or con of Maxim.

      If you are good, you can start a good career at just about any Silicon Valley analog company... Maxim, LTC, ADI, NSC, etc. Even at the smaller companies who sometimes go out of business, if you are good you will land on your feet.

      Analog is the way to go. If you have an offer to start a career in it, go for it. The chance of being off-shored is much lower!

    • I just checked with a friend in personnel and no one with a PHD from Stanford has "just got a job offer." This is another one of these fake messages where the person will probably reply back with other avatars saying it is a bad place to work and then finally reply back with the original avatar saying thanks for the information, I will work somewhere else.

      This looks to me like another sour ex trying to bash Maxim.

    • Wait a minute buddy. Why are you looking for a job instead of finishing your obligation to your country as an officer in the service? It's our tax dollars that got you that Phd on the ROTC program, now go put it to work for your country. Or are you one of those bleeding heart liberal pussies that want everything handed to them without having to pay for it.

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