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  • chybuyer chybuyer Aug 9, 2011 10:01 PM Flag

    Buying Opportunity?

    Under 2.10 despite recent revenue increase and positive outlook--I bought more today--if markets stabalize--we'll break out soon!



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    • Chyr has held up well so far in a dificult market. I am glad for that. Last summer it would be 25% lower. MWW was also bold then (as always) and was beginning to hire new leaders as the stock sank to $1.50. Now all we can be sure of is that this coming quarter's expenses will be a lot higher than 2010. If the the uncertainty in the market is any indication, I suspect capital spending won't be robust in media until possibly 2012. I know 2011 was supposed to be our year for pent up spending but Raycom might be the end of it for a while.

    • OP
      You have to wonder why they increased their fixed costs with all the new hires last quater. Obviously, the Raycom deal was done before these hires came into play.

      If you're going to increase your sales stafff, you would certainly expect for these hires to bring a return on investment of at least 3x what their overhead consisting of salary, benefits and expenses. It doesnt make sense unless management really believes they can expand their revenues considerably to justify the increase in fixed costs.

      I dont know the answer to the question--are there any new orders in the docket. I've heard MWW mention that on larger deals chyron often times needs to wait on the client.

      Anyhow, we wont know anything until Nov from the company---unless some announcements are made. Although MWW has been upbeat, I agree that it will take sequential quaters of increasing revenues and higher profits before any confidence can really be built. I hope we hear something promising surrounding IBC in September or the stock may continue to slide!

    • Thanks.

      CHYR needs to show some real evidence they will both grow and be profitable consistently before they can command any premium over tangible book value. MWW has been a CHYR bull for years. Taking his bullish verbal thoughts about the future as fact has gotten a lot of people burned.

      Clearly MWW's standards for success are very low. If you recall in the last conference call he said they had to prove they were not a "one hit wonder" after Q2. Really? Where was the hit he was referring to? A break-even quarter? That is not much to crow about! And you can see the market responded accordingly. If break even is a "hit" what can we expect for an average quarter? More losses. Its inevitable.

    • You can have the last word.

    • The problem is there are no big deals or even little deals announced this quarter. No repeat of the big Raycom deal from last quarter. What happens when revenue is much less in Q3 than Q2? It seems very highly probable they lose money this quarter thanks to the greatly increased fixed expense buid up. Wouldn't you agree? They only broke even last quarter and Raycom gave them over 2 million in revenue. Back Raycom out and they had a big loss per share.

    • Who cares? Its got a Beta of 1.91. It will move past you in a flash when real buying starts.

    • Thats once was a good point, but then net assets are also tiny and have been declining for years. That plus the prospect of a few million shares with no cash brought in really dillutes our ownership.

    • Cripe, there's only 16.5M shares outstanding. Who cares?

    • chybuyer, you could be right, but I am relectant to buy anymore now. MWW seemed to say 30 to 40% growth is coming the next few years, but if that is true, why don't we see any insiders buying?

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      • Right. Insiders know the truth MWW is up to his old promotional tricks. Plus the stock is expensive now. CHYR only broke even. That is not much to celebrate after years and years of losses and falling book value.

        No insider buying. Fair amount of "tax" selling (they are still making a choice to sell).

        One big sale made the last quarter. No sales have been announced for Q3 and it is half over. MWW has been hyping CHYR and disapointing Q after Q for years. Now he has increased fixed costs a lot and that increases the financial risk significantly.

        Its way too expensive to buy considering all the negatives and given the down market.

    • Big IF...but I hope so!! This stock should be trading over $3.

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