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  • pcstel pcstel Jun 23, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Back in at cost average $1.30

    Repurchased the ~25K shares I sold earlier in the decade for ~$6.20 over the past several days for an average of $1.30.. Figure sooner or later they will expel the knuckle-heads who have been running this company. They have already taken some positive steps, in middle-management, now the clueless at the top should be next. Took the cash I sold CHYR at $6.20 back then and bought Oil for a 3 Bagger, which most will remember I recommend back then as a safe investment, since oil was $25/brrl.. Market has rebounded like a spring over the last 4 years with everyone making huge money in the market, except a few companies like CHYR. I figure they will slash expenses in Melville, probably eventually scuttling the place in a couple years. Looks like a good time to jump back on board. I get all my shares back and $4.90 a share in cash.

    And so it goes,

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    • Welcome back...
      I had purchaced November @ $0.72...I sold out @ $ 1.40...So Chyron, MWW included, have been kind to me.
      Next quarterly earnings will include costs associated with the merger but will not yet reflect it value. I don't see it like Ken2-Ken2 who sees it @ under a $1, But I will be watching and waiting for the next bottom to reload. After that I see promising future.

    • I agree. Local media is booming again. MWW has destroyed the company. He just can't be here for long. If he goes CHYR should be a great investment.

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      • i see this hitting below a buck soon, if that happens jump in and grab as much as u can

      • Well, I wouldn't go exactly that far. All you have to do is look at the recent McGraw Hill deal. They sold five stations for 212MM, when they turned down 650MM 6 years earlier for just the San Diego property. There are zero barriers to entry in the market space. MWW and upper management are simply deploying their exit strategy. Cut it to the bone, prop up revenues and profitability from HEGO and find some sucker to buy their shares to finance their retirement years. I'll play along.. before the rug gets pulled out. Get ready for another round of "musical chairs". Only this time... Hopefully others here have learned their lessons about sitting down when the music stops and the insiders take their seats.

        Just my opinion.

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