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  • abe2399 abe2399 Feb 11, 2009 10:00 PM Flag

    Pigs Get Slaughtered

    honestly, today looked like a pump and dump. my guess is management inflated earnings, someone came in and started buying premarket in size then everyone who is anyone got out midday. again, not sure why anyone would want to own equity in this company. seriously, would you rather own CBG or Bank of America. Both are overleveraged, and have crappy assets. The difference is, one has a government backstop, and people that have attended an some sort of university. The other has people who have attended high school, and commercial real estate, and commercial real estate assets. Hmmmm. Lets be real....CBG is a complete pig.

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    • hey abe,

      i think i saw you over on the SPG board. i think the demise of CBG is old news, now that it is at $4. i know bernie wants to ride it to zero !!!!

      what is your deal on SPG ? i shorted that one a little while back.

      bernie, how about you ? any thoughts on SPG since CBG is pretty much dust (but no bk) ?

      • 2 Replies to bluebuick2003
      • i think the equity in SPG is worth very little by referencing one metric of data. Commercial Property Equity (i.e. SPG) is equivalent the the BBB- CMBX tranche (commercial mortgage back securities credit default insurance) that is esstentially trading at pennies on the dollar. This means that if you were to ask an insurance company to insure your SPG stock against going to $ would cost you about 40% of the value of the stock today per year. these REITs are garbage.

        As far as CBG is concerned. shorting the stock here is not necessarily a bad play. this is a penny stock in a depressionary commercial real estate environment. this stock is trading as if Bankruptcy is looming. I am short, and am not worried one bit.

      • berniemadoffwithalotofmoney berniemadoffwithalotofmoney Feb 12, 2009 10:22 AM Flag

        Blue Buick- All these guys are in trouble. If you trade i would recommend trading the SRS on a daily basis. SPG is a little different they do have assets, if retail really plumments then this stock is in trouble, if we get to this point then we are are in trouble. SPG has assets the bank will have to hang in there with them.

        CBG is a whole different story they are finished. BLUM capital
        controls this company as being the major bond holder. They will team up with Goldman Sacks to do a pre-packaged bankruptcy at something below a dollar share, that is why I am shorting this thing, it is a no brainer.

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