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  • bs572 bs572 Mar 14, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    One trick Pony looks lost.

    The owners of this one trick pony thought they had a star performer so prized themselves sky high.Now that they have understood what sales resistance means they need to reformulate their strategy. Since they dont have a R&D portfolio in trial stage , they should sell the CO. to a deep pocketed major pharma . The max they may get is %16 at best.

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    • Take 1/3 of the ~200K IPF patients in US and Europe. Collect $30K a year from each of them. You don't get there in one or two years, but since nothing else helps these people you do get there.

      The company is investigating the potential of pirfenidone against diabetic nephropathy (a MUCH more prevalent condition). Others are investigating its potential against liver diseases.

      Let's see...if you think the company is worth something north of $60 a share why should you rush to sell out at $16?

    • Agree..Already high debt (yes, lots of cash), with high SG&A costs to enter into new markets with an already overburdened R&D expense. Are they searching for new indications for this drug, and what additional R&D expenses will be needed for these new indication? Take the money and run...

    • Hmm..they said that about HGSI and it was bought out a few months ago...You should also be loading up on Dendreon. It's been crushed in spite of continuous good news. Actually, it's been manipulated, but someones loss can be your gain if you have an IQ over 90.

    • This is one trick pony, but the odds for drug approval look good. They have a lot of cash and drug approval in numerous other countries with about 30% of the shares short. Any good news and this stock will FLY. If they get FDA approval, a major drug firm will make a bid for this company. Just bought last week and going to buy more.