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  • rollerboy982003 rollerboy982003 Jul 27, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    Chance of secondary

    What are the chances of a secondary you guys??

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    • As they are still losing money, secondary and more dilution of share is the only way. I think we will see down before we see a meaningful up swing

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      • If my posting hadn't been right there, this would just be wrong. As it is, it is something worse than just wrong.

        To reiterate: without the expense of an ongoing p3, Intermune would be profitable soon (probably 2 more quarters), and still seeing a sales ramp. ASCEND is coming to a close, and only if it succeeds will there be a comparably large expense to replace it. There is no hurry to do dilutive financing.

        Down before up? Probably. The Washington Circus is about to erupt worst than ever.

    • thanks for reply,,,if they have enough cash til end of year,,,,I'd bet they will at least wait a few months,,,over 20 imo

    • By "a secondary" I presume you mean any sort of dilutive financing. There's an interesting interaction that makes it less likely. In short: Intermune has plenty of money to continue existing business if they aren't doing something extraordinarily expensive, like say a p3 or a US introduction. So the only likely situation in which they need substantial financing is if ASCEND ends with a success. But in that case, Intermune is a MUCH better credit risk than it is today (and the introduction expenses will ramp slowly until actual approval). And even then, it would make a lot of sense to sell the company rather than try to do the US roll-out independently. So I'd look for less-dilutive (but perhaps more costly) measures near term.

    • they are looking at 1 year worth of cash (150-200M) at the end of this year. They could raise 300 million more. It will probably happen, but i think after ascend.