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  • goldfish6388 goldfish6388 Feb 14, 2014 8:50 AM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein has positive comments on ITMN expecting successful Phase III trial.

    Good news.

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    • I'm not a Feuerstein fan, but he seems to have the important stuff right this time. And the obvious screamer is enlightening. Referring to the Incyte and BI drugs, he says "Neither of the drugs will work forever, so assume IPF patients will likely receive both at some point." This reveals that F. is looking at the drug action as similar to drugs for cancer or chronic infection, where there is a period of good control, then the disease escapes control and progresses. I've seen statements by other [to use the correct, though rude, word] touts that make sense if you follow this false analogy. These drugs slow passage through the intermediate phase of IPF. Nothing too dramatic, just an extra year or so of being able to get around. There is no opportunity to try another drug after the first one has blown its wad.

      Feuerstein does us a service by quoting important parts of the "BioPharm Insight" article that maintained the drop, but we (or I, anyway) still haven't seen the original tweets (which presumably went to people who didn't publish them as well as those who did.) F points out that the AE part of the rumor is implausible as reported.

    • News is fine, volatility still pretty amazing for a biotech. Can't wait for earnings. Hopefully most of the confusion will be gone and investors can focus on results this spring.

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