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  • stahlz2000 stahlz2000 Aug 1, 2008 5:06 PM Flag

    I wish it was true

    Yahoo is showing CUR at 4:13 PM
    Up 251.97 %
    Up $3.97
    Up to $5.55

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    • Do a little DD , just a little , and try to understand why this stock is trending up .
      You say you see it going up in pennies .
      IMHO you may see and probably will see it going up in dollars .
      What NeuralStem has been working on for years is about to be shown to the FDA .
      Hopefully an FDA approval will be coming somewhere in the not too distant future .

    • Because that was the last trade !
      Some guys put ridiculous prices to buy or sell on lots of stocks to catch a once in a while unsuspecting "FISH"
      They have sold their shares at that ridiculous price or bought some shares at that ridiculous price .
      I noticed it right away and made a phone call .
      That normally happens when a stock doesn't open for some great reason that news has been released after the market closes and the price is headed up big time .
      It is also true in a case where something terrible happens and the stock doesn't open because the price is going down big time .
      An example would be that somebody puts in a GTC order to buy 1000 shares of GE for 10 cents and also puts a GTC order in to sell 1000 shares of GE at $300.00 .
      A person somewhere in the world sees GE has sold for $30.00 at the close of the market and puts in a buy order at the market price so he winds up paying $300.00 for a $30.00 stock .
      Conversely if he puts in a GTC market order he is saying said he would sell his stock at the market price he winds up selling his $30.00 stock for 10 cents .
      The wise arsh caught the unsuspecting fish .
      That is what I suspected happened with this after hours CUR trade .
      However if there was a press release that some statement like NeuralStem had found a cure for a certain disease and that person felt secure enough to place a market order he would have been lucky to have bought at that $5.50 as CUR could very well have opened at 20 bucks or whatever the maket dictated this morning .

    • Ah, thanks cmbemail, that was the explanation I was seeking. I see CUR has been going up a few pennies per day since last week. I'll continue to hold it until I can get a good price to unload my shares.

    • [If that was a serious post - or even if it wasn't, I suppose!]: the 'market' is comprised of a series of continually competing 'buy' orders and 'sell' orders. Aside from individuals who elect to buy or sell at 'market' prices, there are many individuals who place both buy and sell orders at specified prices ('limit' orders). Very often, the 'sell' orders placed by a current holder are well above the current trading price (reflecting that they would like to sell when there are buyers willing to pay that price, typically when ongoing 'trading' reaches that price). However, if these 'sell' orders with high sell 'targets' are the only 'sell' orders sitting out there, and someone sends an order to buy at the current 'market' price, then one of those individual 'sell' orders (that was priced well above the current/prior 'trading' price) effectively becomes the 'market' price being offered by current holders that are willing to sell. This potential is greater than normal with a relatively thinly traded stock. In this case, the purchaser was fortunate to have purchased a relatively small number of shares. However, even that share price may prove to be a bargain for this stock one day! In the meantime, have a great week!

    • I only have a sell sentiment because I thought the stock would open above $5/share on Monday. This would result in a huge gain for me. I understand why you shouldn't try to initiate a market order after hours. What I don't understand is why the stock is currently priced at $5.55, a 251% increase from its close.

    • It is true, 200 shares at 5.55, link provided, holy cow, my portfolio is showing an insane gain from this after hours jump.

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