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    Reading_stemcells in china

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    • excerpt/example from stemcells in china

      NAME: Kelly Reynolds

      COUNTRY: U.S.A.

      AGE: 39

      DIAGNOSIS: Bulbar ALS – January, 2005

      REASON FOR COMING FOR TREATMENT: First symptoms started in June 2004. The disease progressively got worse until right before the treatment when he was confined to a wheelchair and had limited use of his hands.

      TREATMENT: Umbilical Cord Stem Cell and Nerve Growth Factor Injections with Rehabilitation Therapy

      START OF TREATMENT: February 12, 2006

      BEFORE THE TREATMENT: He could not get up out of his wheelchair without assistance and would otherwise risk losing his balance. He could only raise his hands to chest when laying on a bed. He had trouble swallowing. He could not move his facial muscles well or stick out his tongue. He was taking Baclofen, 10 mg, three times a day to prevent muscle spasticity.
      See Videos - Interview , Kelly Stands Up and Kelly Adjusts His Wheelchair

      AFTER THE TREATMENT: He had increased mobility in his hands. He could get out of his wheelchair by himself. He could walk on his own. He had an easier time swallowing. He could move his facial muscles when having a shave. He could stick out his tongue. He could turn his hands out more and move them out to the sides more. He only needed to take Baclofen 10mg once every one or two days.

      OTHER NOTES: Kelly was on a high protein diet and taking a cocktail of medicines including the experimental drug IGF which he feels may have helped to make the stem cells more effective more quickly. When Kelly came for the treatment, he did not bring his IGF but was able to substitute HGH for it. HGH raises the level of IGF in the body. Soon after hearing that Kelly was taking HGH, the other ALS patients wanted it too.

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