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  • pfein2012 pfein2012 Dec 4, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    The average investor (me) has NO chance!

    Looking at the the price spike of yesterady and volume, today's drop and volume, timing of the appreance of the so called research report, and all this action without NEWS of any kind tells me,


    Good luck to you all

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    • If you are a trader than I agree you have little or no chance when looking for story stocks to trade. If, on the other hand, you are a believer in this company and its science than this price is cheap and in the end the price will take care of itself and the ones who are manipulating it. I would dearly love to see the shorts get put in their place with a close one day at 1.20 and an open the next day at 3.00 plus on awesome news that no short could ever hope to recover from. I have had 2 such stocks in my life that has happened to and can only hope that the adage "Good thins come in three's" holds true.

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      • pioneering industry...stay long and strong!!

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      • I am a long term investor of CUR holding a substantial amount of shares which I acquired over 3-5 years ago. I recently changed my Long-Term Sentiment from Strong Buy to Hold in August, 2012, when management issued a public offering at $.40/share, where, in actuality, no one from the public was given the chance to buy in at that level. I quickly learned the nature and extent of manipulation that was being, and continues to be, perpetrated. While I believe in the successes of CUR's science, I cannot ignore the manipulation and its impact on an investment in CUR. Trying to trade under these circumstances is nearly impossible and imprudent, imo. It might be best to purchase for the long-term at a good price and ignore the pumping and dumping during the short-term swings.

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    • Manipulators have killed the stock market for a lot of people, not just you in this stock. Unfortunately the SEC doesn't seem to realize that allowing manipulation causes investors to exit, which means less capital invested, which means fewer good-paying jobs, fewer new/improved goods and services, lower standards of living for everyone (except for the successful manipulators). Your belief that you have no chance is understandable, and sadly that's exactly how these manipulators want you to feel.

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