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  • duckbillthrill duckbillthrill Jan 14, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    Couple of Things

    A close friend of mine died with ALS. That is my primary purpose for holding this stock, plus I believe stem cells will be a major game changer in the future. Having qualified my position, there are a couple of things about this spinal cord trial that confuses me. First, it seems to me Geron has already been there and done that with a phase I trial. They indicated the reason for ending the trial was because of financial considerations. I'll take take their word; however, in the back of my mind, I thought the fact that NVIV entered the race with what appears to be a better mouse trap, may have been a major factor. By the same token, it seems to me it would be foolish for CUR to start spending serious money in this area until after they see the outcome from NVIV's efforts. Am I wrong?

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    • Two different methods, 1) scaffold seeded with human neural stem cells (similar to a band-aid with salve) and 2) transplant human neural stem cells, can be and should be investigated simultaneously.

      It's interesting that the FDA considers the scaffold as a device since it is seeded with human neural stem cells (hnsc) unless they consider the scaffold as the primary therapy and the hnsc as secondary (minimal) therapy and therefore, the FDA considers the primary therapy to categorize it as a device. Just a thought.

      Of note are the Form 4s posted (except those for Option to Buy) June, July, and Dec 2012, and Jan 2013 of the officers/directors and those holding 10% ownership disposed shares. Not a lot of shares, but they were sold and there are a multitude of reasons for this.

      List of SEC docs:

    • ....and the Ans. is - YES!

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    • NVIV should be using CUR's stem cells. Their product sounds good but needs time to be applied to humans. They are overly optimistic about the time period for FDA approval. Hopefully for their patients it will come sooner. If they worked together I think they could speed the process of approval. Working together is doubtful though since they competitors.

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      • I'm not carrying water for NVIV, but their device is not a drug, therefore, time to approval is much much shorter. Futhermore, if there is improvement, it will be known in a matter of weeks. All I'm saying is, I'd feel better if CUR didn't get in a big hurry to start spending money they don't have, on a trial that may be obsolete by midway in Phase I. OTH, I'm sure management is aware of NVIV
        and will (hopefully) not do anything without due consideration. I believe CUR is on the right track with their ALS program. I'd hate to see them put too many irons in the fire, as Geron did. I lost my
        donkey with that company. Just for the record, I'm long CUR and NVIV. I wish them both great success-------obviously.

    • Gerons trial was with Embryonic Stem cells, and I don't believe (because CUR are the creators and first to do this) the stem cells were injected into the grey matter of the spinal cord. Also, Embryonic Stem cells were believed to be able to change into any cell for the region injected, but apparently that is not the case and they can be hard to control, and can become cancer cells. CUR uses a Neural Stem Cell which are injected directly into the grey matter of the spinal cord. In the ALS trial they have shown survive and engraft into the spine at the injection site. GLTA! Especially the patients!

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