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  • meifud meifud May 17, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    anyone care to explain those price plateaus today?

    could it be shorts quietly leaving, or shorts quietly adding? which would be more likely at this juncture, or neither?

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    • Most of the volume was during the price rise. I believe this reflects accumulation activity. When the target buy was achieved the drop in volume precipitated a decline in price. I think we will see more cycles of accumulation with corresponding consolidation episodes. If price declines to 1.20 or below we would have a remarkable buy opportunity. When the market correction comes we may just get this kind of drop. The next short report may help answer the question as to weather a covering mentality has taken seed.

    • daytraders. I for one will buy and sell for a dime. if u do enough shares, it adds up. sold at 1.53 and bought it back at 1.43 and will sell that Monday $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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      • Rather simple to explain .
        There are traders, short term holders , and investors .
        AAPL was a couple of bucks in the 1980s.
        It hit $667 dollars after 3 splits .
        If you bought 1,000 shares then , at say $2.50 your investment of $2,500.00 , TODAY , just based on pricing you would be holding 8,000 shares @ $433.00 would be $3,464,000.00 but that the share price was up to $667.00 so you would have lost a lot of money on your investment lately .
        Not to fear there are many brokers that feel AAPL is heading back up and could go over 1,000 bucks .

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