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  • crease24 crease24 Sep 3, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    These "Candle in the wind" blogs

    scare the h*ll out of me. Does this guy have it all together?

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    • joe_vish Sep 3, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

      Without starting an argument with you guys here, we have to remember that this is a personal blog and not a PR newswire set forth by the CEO to release at his leisure. Sure it would be nice to get some mini updates, but I think we have gotten plenty of "clues" in his blogs over the past year. I will admit though, he speaks in riddles!

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      • But Joe, isn't AccessWire a PR firm, that charges for their services? Garr used to just put out his blog, and we had to find it. Now when he waxes poetic with his bizarre Shakespeare quotes, it gets trumpeted on AccessWire and something called "TheChairmansBlog". I don't know what exactly TheChairmansBlog is, but it looks like a vehicle created for ego-tripping CEO/Chairmen. If Garr wants to talk about the NFL settlement, why obfuscate it with the head-scratching Elizabethan poetry? To an outsider, it probably looks like Garr is losing his mind as well as his focus (add to that his announced intention to sell some shares) - and that's not helping the share price today.

        The titles of Garr's last two blog entries are practically screaming "STAY AWAY". Which is a shame, given the potential here. Maybe Garr is telling us that it's time for him to go, whether he realizes he is sending this signal or not. By the way, I don't take any delight in noting this, and I think Garr had been doing a reasonably good job at CUR until this year. But his failure to announce the ALS data as soon as it was released by Dr. Feldman in Montreal, plus the sliding timelines and his bizarre blog posts, lead me to think he's no longer the right person for the job.

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    • Agreed. Seems that Garr has decided to embrace Elizabethan poetry, and seems clueless that no one else shares his enthusiasm for it. Reminds me of when Ameritrade's CEO quit his job to become an unpaid, volunteer "coach" for the University of Nebraska football team. Maybe that's why Garr filed to sell shares, because he's going to pull a Joe Moglia and will need some cash to pursue his love of Shakespeare. Somebody needs to tell Garr to keep his eye on the biotech ball or get out of the way.

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      • They are just his thoughts. It is a blog not a PR. You do not have to read them. Garr has done a wonderful job promoting and defending this company all over the world. Look at the map of the world and see where he has established relationships around the world. He has CUR poised to help people in all walks of life. It truly is amazing the science they are applying toward improving and eventually curing neural diseases. Wait until we see what he has to say at the Health conference, it should be meaningful. Before the end of the year we will all be buying drinks for Garr. GLTA

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      • alex 1444
        Kind of nasty or a low grade poke going out of your way to throw a dig at Garr while he and Johe , Boulis , Glass and Feldman and the rest of the CUR team have have managed to make Neuralstem one of the leading if not the leading stem cell company in the world . .

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