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  • stahlz2000 stahlz2000 Oct 4, 2013 12:11 PM Flag


    May not be as far fetched as many would think
    Companyies could each benefit .
    Legal fees would go down .
    Research on same or similar markets could be adjusted and would go up .
    2 brains rather than 1
    Tapping brain power of the best .in various fields .
    Wall Street could very well be impressed if handled right .and naturally share prices would be in the right hands to go up .

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    • If you will note the date on the post was OCT.4 .
      My post was basically about the possibility of Neuralstem picking though the remains of stemcells company that could yield some money .for the shareholders ..

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      • In another year or so CUR will be able to pick up whatever pieces they want at next to no cost. There may not be much that is worthwhile to have, but another year of wasting assets will make it very difficult for STEM to remain a going concern. If the lawsuit ends up as a goose egg for STEM, and they don't show real promise with AMD they are really sucking on a lemon. Old Stem_Cur will wish he had sold at $1.23 when he could have. JMHO

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    • Re:Replies
      I don't like thumb downs .
      I wondered if my post was that bad .
      Today I realized it was probably the STEM gang that were bashing CUR that were disturbed by my insinuations about their beloved stock and company probabilities .
      Certainly looks like they are heading for the tubes but that is for doing nothing constructive . .
      In that case bring on those thumb downers . .
      I will wear them like an honorary medal !

    • I had explained what I meant once before ..
      Looking at it from STEM getting weaker and CUR getting stronger it could be possible for CUR to pick up the best of the company and let the rest go down the drain like putrid smelling sewer water , new word spelled (SUIER) .
      There must be a little there that is worth picking up at bargain prices ..
      If there isn't anything worth saving ,so be it , it certainly won't happen ..

    • I agree the best solution is a STEM and CUR merger

    • Yes I admit to posting this but if you note the date is over a month old . .
      Neuralstem only has about 18 people on the payroll ..
      Amazing if you can contemplate what they are tackling with their work load and getting done with so few people .
      Probably tough to teach this old dog , "STEM ", any new tricks .so why bother ?.
      Maybe we will be able to pick out a few pieces if they go belly up ?

    • Best solution: STEM and CUR merger

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      • Stem_Cur (aka MBidiot),

        You say: "Best solution: STEM and CUR merger". You also say: "Shareholders have voting rights".

        Not really. There won't be a vote so how do you propose to exert your rights? These days unless a huge shareholder puts pressure on the board or another company makes a takeover offer you pretty much don't see any shareholder votes (other than affirming the annual slate of directors, accountants, etc.). In this case Neuralstem has anti-takeover features in its corporate documents and ALL of the large shareholders appear to be in sync with Management (which owns a large share of the company).

        This conversation about shareholder rights and mergers (of CUR and STEM) seems to be a complete waste of time.

        Also, who is to say that I am not actually part of the STEM Management? I don't spend all day every day on MB boards reading your silly rants. I can tell you that both professionally and personally, I have no interest in pursuing your desired course of action but would not mind actually seeing how you look. I can't quite picture it but you must look pretty funny with your head stuck up your bum.


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    • bump

    • Stahlz, has he finally gotten to you...convinced you a merger would be a good thing? The only advantage would be saving the legal costs. Other than that I see no advantage for CUR. No matter what they say STEM's cells are very different than CUR's. Even the original patent came from the same source CUR went a different direction than STEM did. That is why CUR's cells are more active and can be directed to heal the neural paths they chose. Stem is desperate, why should we take on their problems. STEM does not have anything like the small molecule neural drug, that is where the long term value of CUR is. Why should we share it? The one thing that they do well is raise money because it seems in California there are many forward thinking organizations willing to put money toward cures. The only thing STEM has to offer is their ability to raise funds without additional obligations. Perhaps we could learn from that from them. CUR can wait and buy STEM's assets for pennies on the dollar if they chose or just proceed on their own leaving STEM as dust in wind. GLTA

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    • I doubt see CUR getting anything out of STEM. CUR already has neural stem cells.

    • A merger makes sense; if it happens.

      The combined company, STEM and CUR, could address a potential market in excess of $150 Billion. (That is no baloney.)

      1. ALS
      2. Ischemic Stroke
      3. Spinal Cord Injury
      4. Alzheimer’s Disease
      5. Depression
      6. Parkinson’s Disease
      7. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
      8. Multiple Sclerosis
      9. Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD)
      10. Optic Neuritis
      11. Traumatic Brain Injury
      12. Peripheral Nerve Injury
      13. Neuropathy Lysosomal Diseases
      14. Huntington’s Disease
      15. Cerebral Palsy
      16. Ischemic Spastic Paraplegia

      …and other neurological diseases

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