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  • mortimer_duke57 mortimer_duke57 Dec 30, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Don't miss the boat on this. Current has very long legs to run

    Like SRPT when common investor finds out that CUR has the answer she will rocket 10 pts in ONE day. Remember this.

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    • There will be multiple 10 point up days imo. Too many irons in the fire to make this a one trick pony. Investors will extrapolate any efficacy in ALS to stroke and spinal cord injury cases...where a much broader application will result in greater health care cost savings and improvement in quality of life for the patients. Throw in NS-189 efficacy with its broad application and the numbers are staggering.

    • Right you are. Depending on the news, I've seen rises over 40 in one day with a lot of crying by some about getting out to soon or not buying more. I'm ready.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I sold some the day before XMAS for gifts and travel but never wired the money out of the trading acct. So today I put an order in at $2.60 but didn't get filled and then quickly moved it up to 2.66. I had a feeling if I did not move the price up, I could be left way behind. I was right, and very fortunate.
        I still think the stock should be about $5 or $6 dollars now and with various news events this coming year should rise to $15 or $20. I say "should". But We've all seen it happen before and it could happen to us. ALS approval alone is worth $15 or more IMHO.
        And yes Buddha, "extrapolate" is the multiplier word - as in to the moon!
        Or as Jackie Gleason would say " To the moon Shorty" :)

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