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  • charttrendzz charttrendzz Mar 5, 2014 10:56 AM Flag

    Besides ALS what else does CUR hope to cure


    Trying to understand the scope of the market for CUR. Does anyone know if management believes their treatment can be expanded to treat other illnesses. BCLI's people have pointed out that the their ALS treatment has had more remarkable results with Parkinson symptoms. My guess is that they are trying to expedite the process by getting emergency approval for ALS, then they can also quickly get the Parkinson market. Anyone know if CUR is doing the same. Do they just need the door open and then they hope to go after other markets, if so, for what ailments?.

    Basically, trying to understand the potential market for CUR, the ALS market is relatively small with 2 potential treatments over the horizon. What is the broader target for their treatments.

    I think once we break 3.85 and head to 4, people will be looking for some education on CUR. Thanks

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