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  • alpinemeadows2003 alpinemeadows2003 Apr 11, 2014 9:56 AM Flag


    Despite the blood letting in the bio stock's universe, where there are 100's of broken, busted stock charts... I mean really battered technicals... If you take a look at CUR's daily and weekly charts, neither chart displays even a broken trend line!!! R U kidding me?? There may be only 20 bio names, out of thousands, that have demonstrated such resilience. It's remarkable. And notable, for when the bio slaughter finally concludes, the technically strongest will reap the greatest gains. Count CUR in that group. Impressive, something even the shorts can begrudgingly admire...

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    • Caveat: a simple P&F chart has price target of $188.00 for the IBB. That calculation is a ballpark measure based on a simple mathematical formula you can readily google. $188.00 is a 14% further decline from today's current price. Nah, you say? The composition of the IBB is filled with stocks, that when viewed independently in a P&F configuration, show considerably lower targets... in the 20 to 25% downside range. Conversely, an ETF hedge against the bio meltdown... the BIS... chart's showing a 25% upside target of $27.00. Simply putting out there, that there may still be further downside ahead in CUR's sector. A few market technicians were on tv yesterday saying a break below $225.00 on the IBB, on a closing basis, meant a continuation of more selling. A close below $1,750 on the $SPX is another 'whoa Nellie' failure...

    • Agreed as well .... I am really glad that I shifted positions to make this my number one bio holding during Nov-Feb. There has been a lot of ugliness out there (although that does mean a few bargains -- as I did some shopping today). The CUR chart remains a thing of beauty. Would not be surprised to see a green close with any kind of help at all from the IBB.

      good luck -

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agreed.......the trend line has NOT been broken........which is why I am building a position here.

      Bounced OFF of the 50 day MA at $3.93 today .........

      I tired to build a position the first time it traced back into the $3's on March 27 and I could not get ANY decent size trades in at all........and then Instutitional money ran it back up FAST and HARD.....

      Relative strength in this name is awesome considering the sector that it is in ..........

      Cant wait to see the Instutitions in this name 45 days after Q1 ends ( May 15 ) to see who has increased and who has opened new positions.......

      We have support in this name ( for now ).......and that's a good thing in this sector where other names are being slashed and burned !!!!

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