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  • dp_mich dp_mich Apr 10, 2012 9:53 AM Flag

    Any thoughts on where this thing is ?

    ... heading??? I'm packing my chute here, but, thinking that base jumping off 150 meter tower is cutting it a little close...

    Any ideas/help would be appreciated!


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    • man this stock is crap they have no support they hang everybody out to dry anothother china remember communist country suppoter they care nothing about blue booded americans just money fk em

    • Also this company can be bought out for in the Market Cap area of 1 to 1.2 Billion which is nothing for a huge Tech company and it would immediately add to the buyers bottom line. It HAS TO LOOK DELICIOUS at this level for a takeover. Just my opinion but some tech companies are buying companies both private and public at a good pace and I can't see them passing up this diamond in the rough.

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      • you probably hit the nail on the head, Potential buyer is running the stock price down to buy the company cheaper, or better yet, chapter 13 to get rid of the shareholers Look what happened at Dynegy.

      • Totally agree, because, on its own - the DOG don't hunt! On up days, it's lackluster, on down days, it's down. It's been that way since the first of the year when their 4th 1/4 report came out. Supposedly, it was a really bad report, but, they always make money. Yet this trend begins/continues.

        Longs - it's a rough road, and now, swing trading - forget about it...

        Hoping for a takeover, maybe, not sure what to do really - it seems something fundamental is wrong - maybe the market segment as a whole right now? dunno...

        Thanks for the reply/thoughts!

    • Seems to be going down as the giant CSCO is going down, all on slowing in the 3rd and 4th quarter. I feel this stock is getting beat up too much at this point. But if we keep heading down the Socialist path most stocks will eventually be in the same boat. Socialism just doesn't work and it maybe too late for Europe. It will be too late for the USA unless we make some dramatic changes and reverse Obamacare. Not to turn this into politics but the government is not creating an ensnarement for private business to grow. What a shame. People got short changed.

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      • Get off the political nonsense. Look at the S & P 500 chart for 2004 to 2008, then 2009 to 2012. Most of my portfolio doubled since Cheney/Bush ran this country into the ground. We were so fortunate to have a smart Christian President with a Moslem-sounding name, or we'd have had another 9/11 like the one under Bush. Ryan demonstrated last night that he may look like 42 but can't be over 22--a "toy" vice-president no better than the previous Republican candidate. Sarah at least could pronounce words of more than 2-syllables without dropping the middle syllables (and Ryan had the audacity to try a joke about Biden's loose tongue!). His promised "math numbers" never appeared let alone added up. "It's mathematically possible." Simply repeating that statement--especially from him--means nothing. Start naming the loopholes--and better begin with a defense budget that's bigger than the rest of the world's combined.

      • If you're going down, better make it a well-endowed giant like Cisco than this fragile balsawood vessel.

    • Earnings, CAPS, Fools? Its all meaningless blather at the end of the day. All you have to do is look at the 10 year chart for your answer. TTM was never structured to be a "growth" stock as far as valuation. If you own this, you are waiting for a buyout/acquisition of some sort. When the top brass cash out, that's when you will get paid. Sitting waiting for TTM stock price to make you any money long-term is folly if you look at its entire history.

    • Scarred people should neither base jump nor should they buy stocks. Press the ignore button, this is pretty close to bottom if not the bottom. Look back a couple months and see how stock reacted to these levels. Ain't be staying long under 10 if at all.

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