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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Oct 9, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    So who's most at risk/


    Which Market makers are most at risk and how much?

    Sales of KATX during 2011, total year sales, how long did they could they hold the IOU positions open?

    I understand YEARS!!!!!!!!! or till they push the company closed

    ************************2011 Sales of KATX **************************

    NITE ---------------------- 229,629,618
    Knight Capital Americas

    Auto --------------------- 107,095,901
    Automated trading Desk

    ETMM -------------------- 104,331,950

    UBSS ---------------------- 41,312,574
    UBS Securities

    Heres our totals:------- 482,370,043 Almost a half billion shares traded

    How many were vapor/IOU shares/Naked -- NO ONE KNOWS - But the number could be big!!
    For every three IOU shares open during Dec21,2011 one BVIG share is required and the IOUshares must be delivered or a Fail to Deliver ensues and the SEC does not like FTD's

    Chairman Mary L. Schapiro remarks:
    We now have in place rules banning naked access and requiring rigorous pre-trade risk controls designed to help mitigate disruptive trading at the source. (sounds like KATX issues) (MM's in serious trouble, I see nothing that will help them with their shorting of KATX) No sympathy!!!

    But perhaps the strongest message from the Knight Capital episode is that the party committing an error may very well end up bearing a massive financial loss. That, more than anything, sends a wake-up call to the entire industry.

    Sentiment: Hold

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