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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Oct 24, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    NITE between rock and a hard spot!!


    Market Makers (NITE) between a rock and a very hard spot!! If and as they push KATX lower current shareHolders become more enticed to add/double/triple their positions. If they push lower they must short because current holders will not release their shares. Due to the possible link between KATX and the distribution of BVIG shares.

    Then they (MM's) are forced at some point to cover the IOU shares they have sold and continue to sell.

    Their (MM's) only choices - work to close the Kat's - or - release their death grip on these companies, - buy their needed BVIG shares and let the free market work.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • The MMs OVERDID it. A little “hanky panky” might have been tolerated and purposely overlooked, but they got so deeply involved, and now they don't even know what's coming, and they think they don’t even care. All this time they didn’t care about hurting us. I won't gloat when the news hits, but I am allowed to be happy for all of my fellow longs who waited so extraordinarily long. The MMs and their BFC (Basher’s Fan Club) look at it like business as usual ie., you short a pinkie until it disappears and then you smile and yell, “Next!”
      However, there are real people who invested heavily in that “pinkie” and they (we) are not going to pack up and leave.
      Very soon, Thanksgiving will arrive.
      Goliath never thought for a second that a punk kid named David, with a sling shot could bring down a giant like him…the rest is history.

    • The SEC will get those Greedy naked shorting thugs.
      Soon !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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