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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Nov 14, 2012 9:43 AM Flag

    KATX Nonshareholders


    You can write all the insults you can - but your value to MM's is gone!! You are just a worthless liability, your postings a joke! Your a mule on the expressway- - You make a lot of noise but get NO-WHERE. Why not just go away! You can not distract us from REAL info!!

    search: Small Panel Discussion Naked Short Selling--MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon 8/12/11
    check the additional discussions - Must see!!!

    Also search (dark side of the looking glass) very telling why these Bashers M94, Trader, Dash, Gump, Bink post thousands of negative posts to a company they say they do not own!!

    The bashers are here for a job for pay to post to manipulate a stock!!

    Sentiment: Hold

    This topic is deleted.
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