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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Dec 6, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Tis the Season for Spin-Off Shares! - Ho! Ho! Ho!


    As I have said 99% - 99 out of one hundred KATX shareHolders have NO problems with management, properties and the distribution process. See the amount of KATX shareHolders holding every day.

    Those 99% of shareHolders realize GOVERNING AUTHORITIES are what we are waiting on!

    Those 99% understand a specific delivery date for shares has NEVER been stated, why because its not up to our management they can only file the documents - Authorities Lawyers tweak the language (all 100+ pgs.) department by Government department. Our Kat management has NOW made 8 tries to appease those Lawyers. Spent about $400,000+ in Attorney fees. It will happen soon 99% of Holders believe that to be the case

    Kat management is resolute in making the S-1 happen. Remember the S-1 is payment for SOLD claims to patient shareHolders.

    There are 1% holders (KAT MM's) screaming foul. Those KAT MM's, HFT's screaming foul about the Dec 21, 2011 qualifying date. KAT MM's flipping - IOU's - costing them cash and BVIG shares.
    Through all attempts with the S-1 filings the qualifying date has NOT changed. (IT WON'T)

    Those 99% KAT holder have calculated the 1 for 3 Spin-off is better than the 1 for 4 distribution.

    Those 99% shareHolders of KAT believe owning a working mine (creating income) is a good move for BVIG.

    All 100% (ALL KATX HOLDERS) have the opportunity every day wind down their position and move on. BUT the numbers show 99 out of 100 KATX holders refuses - REFUSES to be swayed into selling.

    We the KATX holders (grip tight and wait) we are so close!!
    Mining season on Ekom Eya should be starting up.
    When NOW!!!!!

    Sentiment: Hold

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