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  • oroplata68 oroplata68 Jan 7, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Fowller, grow up.

    hey Fowller, stop fooling around with the stickys.
    And stop PM filthy & obscene messages to posters.
    You act'd like a 3 year old #$%$.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • guess Fowller is now hiding, too much slandering for too long !!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • YES OROPLATA68!!!
      Mr. Fowler is just another one of the aliases. He is still trying to appear to be a typical shareholder. What total bull!!
      So, the DUMP twists my words and makes me look like I said something and then uses his influence with the HUB to post a sticky, thanking me for my honesty.
      Hey Fowler! Evidently you enjoy honesty.
      Here is more of the same...My comments were changed and key wording was manipulated just like they know how to manipulate stock prices to fraudulently gain profits. The HUB place is the kind that would never allow me to comment what I really want to say in response to his posting of my supposed words. You're just a "new" agent.
      This is the HUBs old trick. They allow insults and lies and if anyone dares to speak up, they delete it.
      Now, how do I know it?
      I just responded to "Fowler" (current alias) and it was deleted twenty minutes ago.
      Until today they deleted my comments 109 times. With today, that means 110 times AND THAT IS ONLY SINCE MAY!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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