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  • alansnowcross2 alansnowcross2 Feb 21, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    I posted this on the Shrub today


    That there as those on this board with a hidden agenda and are trying to close this company with thousands of negative posts, day after day, month after month, year after year.

    Everything positive is spun to a negative.

    Positive facts on properties/claims neglected again and again.

    Those that are negative NEVER - EVER have a single positive comment

    And you know it as do shareHolders - We are NOT FOOLED - Even Slightly!!!!!!!!!

    ( I know this post will be deleted on the Shrub but what the heck )

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    This topic is deleted.
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    • So TRUE and very well said!
      As always, another great and on-target post about the greatness of our company and the endless negativity from paid bashers who wish to insult our company and the family that runs it. Thank you ALANSNOWCROSS2 for this post and for all the DD you have done to show a few of the ways our stock has been twisted and stage-managed to falter and decline.
      You are so right when you write about how they do this daily, monthly and YEARLY. They scared people by fraudulently and criminally manipulating and severely lowering our pps purposely, even while KNOWING they are not supposed to manipulate stock prices because it is a CRIMINAL act, even in all other countries also. After years of doing it, they can no longer claim they didn't know it's illegal. They scared people into selling our stock and they made those people lose money! Even those of us who have been loyal and steadfast, have lost money because of their evil, criminal manipulation!
      OF COURSE THEY KNEW IT IS ILLEGAL. That's why the SEC and the IRS and other as yet unnamed agencies are so interested in finding what their methods were, and to find ALL THE OTHER COMPANIES they did this to. There is an old saying that the truth will eventually come out.
      The truth has only begun emerge!
      It took them years of slander, lies, deceit and criminality to get us down to be worth less than one tenth of one cent!!!! We fight back for two months and already they can’t deal with it.
      Now, they hate us for daring to fight back and expose the truth that they buried!
      Now, they are trying to blame it all on us! We are at fault they say.
      Guess what? If we are at fault, so then why did they have to bash and slander us for almost three years??? For a few days or weeks, fine! But for YEARS!!!!!?
      Also, how come our stock has lasted anyway?
      Answer: Because it is not a bad thing to own precious metals and precious metal mine including gold mines in both North America and in Africa!!!!!
      In fact we all know, IT IS GREAT AND SUPER TO OWN GOLD MINES!!!!
      RISE WE WILL!!!!!

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    • That's a great & honest post.

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    • OK- tell me what positive things have they done? No mineable claims and not money.

    • alansnow, Excellent comment.

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