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  • mapp78 mapp78 Mar 16, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    N.Y. Attorney, Shareholder

    Just heard that an Attorney (New York) is now a Big Shareholder of this company.
    That's great. Hope he reads this board also..

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    • Yes, last time attorney's got involved this was pumped and dumped and everyone except those in on the fix or smart enough not to believe the BS got out. Sorry, I believe Jack Miller bought more and held. Was a lying sack of #$%$ he is!

    • Of course he reads message boards, but posting sometimes
      on katx F.B. message board.

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    • Thank you!
      If I ever find out who that lawyer is, I hope to make sure he reads this YAHOO FINANCE KATX board, which has no bribed administrators.
      I'd be interested to hear his opinion on what has been going on with KATX for years, and what is currently happening with the negativity that is still being exhibited daily.
      Isn't it also against the law of the land to deliberately manipulate stock prices?
      Isn't it against the law to deceive the public through fraudulent means, and make them lose millions of dollars, or even to cause them to lose hundreds of dollars?
      Isn't it against the law, to hire people to write lies and trick the public?
      Isn't it against the law to not report income to the IRS?
      isn't it against the law to get paid for criminal stock manipulation?
      Isn't it against the law to pose as an independent board when in reality, board members are being paid to promote certain favored entities who pay regular bribes, which they prefer to call “payments?”

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    • An attorney, a shareholder also ?
      Like that very much.

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      • 1 Reply to arthates
      • Yes ARTHATES, I also like that very much!
        He is so welcome to our company! A professional, who knows something about the law for sure, is the perfect advocate we need to investigate all the weird and suspicious posting that has been going on here.
        To me, It's clear that the basher is desperate and he fears looking for a real job because his main skill is slandering, insulting and defaming our stocks KATX and BVIG and other stocks as well!! Imagine putting an ad in a newspaper, “I need a job. I have great experience slandering people, lying to the public, deceiving shareholders and getting paid for attacking people with good reputations! Please hire me.”
        So, that’s why I want to find out how this high-powered attorney feels about the VERY LONG LASTING attacks against our company and against our CEO’s family!
        I hope to let him know what has been going on here and how I have lost huge amounts of money even though I invested wisely in a company with gold mines in Canada and Africa and a new gold mine possibility for which an agreement was signed.
        Why, after years, and after an expanding company that has grown tremendously, and added hundreds of square miles of property in areas where precious metals abound, and a company that not only owns hundreds of square miles, but also has gold mines and other precious metals mines on those same properties, and has already drilled and obtained 12 cores out of 12 drillings that ALL contain precious metals in abundance;… why that company has gone down to its current value of less than one tenth of one cent!!!? Repeat...less than one tenth of one cent!
        In my opinion, and hundreds of fellow shareholders are in agreement with me, our company has been deliberately attacked to manipulate its stock price to cause the supposedly objective Market Maker to reap huge profits through the decline in our pps that was purposely piloted by fraud and deception.

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