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  • wmuzzioli wmuzzioli Jun 14, 2005 12:13 PM Flag

    Loaded up on F at $8.25-$8.75!!!!!!!!!!

    Up way over 20%!!!
    Investing is EM. (Easy money)
    That is if you know when to buy and the right issue!!!!


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    • TERRIFIC!!!
      I bought @ 10 when then went on sale to customers of the bank. Sure wish I knew they would split so many times.....would have bought a heck of a lot more. Just dumb luck that I bought 200 shares which are now 1664 after all the splits...sure hope this stock re-bounds and splits again. I too agree that this is a great company which will survive the bumps. For you and I it is shear profit since thanks to a great dividend we both have re-couped our initial investment and then some!
      Good luck to you and all longs!

    • WOW!!
      Buying at $5-$6.00 a share!!
      Very nice!You are also my hero in this bank stock.Hold on for we really have no place to go but up.The reason is the major write-downs have been taken and management has learned from their past mistakes.Even 5th/3rd Bank pulled the same mistake a while back with fixed income which hurt them when interest rates went up.Good luck and happy investing!

    • My only interest also, I was A DM with CFS in the 90's. Lived through it all, started the 401k in 95. Many splits later I think 7 or 8 I have a few thousand shares.
      I remember buying a lot at arounf 5 or 6 dollars. Great company which made some mistakes, it will survive the bumps. Collecting a sweet dividend.

    • WOW!!!
      $10.00 a share for NYB!!!
      You are my hero,hold on forever and you will make huge dividends and capital gains.I expect to see another split at some point down the road of recovery!!!


    • Excuse me but just what does F have to do with NYB stock which is what this board is all about. Could you please take your loser investment in F to the appropriate board?

    • "Which flavor of the 17.50s are you selling these days? The only ones I've sold so far will expire this week, so I'll be looking to reload pretty soon."

      I like the October 17.50, and took in a buck on 1500 shares, and will allocate more and more until I reach my 7600 shares, - a buck plus 25 cents for the dividend ain't too bad. One must understand that I am giving up the "in the money" portion, *but* on the flip side of the coin, the spreads are tightened once an option is "in the money."

      One good upgrade and some news will be all it will take for it to move the stock. If I can get a decent premium on the January 20's I will go that route as well, but that is lousy time decay, but 50 cents in dividends - if there is a downtick, I have some protection as well, so I may consider both. The Boston Exchange has been giving me the most premium on my covered calls.

      I do not perceive a lot of tax selling like last year, so I am *guessing* that NYB may start to move in October as fund managers start to re-allocate their positions; also this will play havoc with the shorts.

      However, the shorts may exit in an orderly manner. On the last decline, I think the shorts actually helped as they started to cover.


    • The only stock I am interested in is NYB. The only reason I purchased this stock was because my money and mortgage was with Columbia Savings and they offered the stock to their customers for $10 a share. Seemed like a good deal so I invested $2000 which I have long since gotten back along with some very nice dividend payments. My 200 shares are now at 1664 and I am quite happy. As you can see, I am not a wannabe, or a big time invester, but am very interested in any news about NYB.
      I in no way even hinted that you "shut up". What I said was to GROW up! Good luck in your quest to make money.....lets hope a large chunk of it comes from NYB. Then we can ALL benefit!

    • Just wondering what broker was cold calling you on this issue. I'm interested to see if they're also a market maker.


    • Thank you for admitting that your comments had little to do with anything except "trying to ruffle my feathers".
      Spoken like a true little boy.

    • No chance until price suitor will pay more than $25.00 currently.

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