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  • birdmyer birdmyer May 1, 2007 2:13 PM Flag

    All the hype

    Why with all the hype cant we get to 18.00. It looks like 17.00 per share is more likley.

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    • Dear Bankmama.....At least I gave you a laugh! I would say that's a nice way to leave the office on a Friday afternoon.
      I never claimed to be a banker or broker. Just part of the many that invested for the heck of it.....glad I did and at least my comments (dumb as they may be) brought a little life to this otherwise dead, dull board! Have a great week and lets hope this stock starts to pop!

    • I,m glad you" Knowit"--but the rest of us don`t.......... Who is fat cat, and what the hell is the Friedman Billings Ramsey Conference, and how do I get invited? Do I have to be a skull and bones guy, or is it available to ordinary rif-raff?

    • Hey! Mr. Fat Cat, It's nice to see you come out from the institutional trading desk and honor us with your post for
      the first time. Maybe you can humble us with some research
      that piles up on your fax machine. You would be doing me a great favor if you would post some of it. This way I would have more time to trade or play golf and not have to type all
      those upgrades all myself. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      Your Institutional Friend, Knowitido..

      P.S. See you at the Freidman Billings Ramsey Conference!

    • i read your comments..once again...i just shake my r good for a few laughs but nothing more

      goodnight...this tired..overworked..."real" banker is leaving the office now!!

    • woof---wooof

      Contradictory aren't you???????

    • If he can't stand the heat then he should get out of the kitchen! For that matter so should you! What kind of a backbone do you have if you "wouldn't make a move without
      reading his very,very insightful posts"!! How sad that you must rely on another mere human being for permission to "MOVE"!! I am quite sure that criticism from ME is not going to stop him from commenting on this board! I don't have that power and neither does he...or YOU for that matter. Have a great weekend boys!

    • fat_cat_institutional_investor fat_cat_institutional_investor May 4, 2007 10:48 AM Flag

      To carol.

      refrain from criticising mr. Knowitido.

      his free and unsolicited information is of utmost importance to big shareholders like myself. I wouldn't make a move without reading his very, very insightful posts, as they are usually paraphrased from new stories that are found in multiple places on the internet. cutting edge stuff!!!

      mr. Knowitido is doing important work, for free. Leave him be.

      yours truly, fat cat, institutional investor.

    • Listen know it all.....I have no intentions of buying any other stocks.......I own interested in ONLY NYB...and would like to see this stock back up to $35 just like everyone else. There have been many remarks on this board that have nothing to do with NYB....I don't, and have never claimed to be knowledgable in the stock market. If all of you are so smart why aren't you all millionaires?
      I'm just trying to learn. I make the same guesses as everyone else....sorry if I have offended you.

    • carol,you must have misdirected your reply,just read my past
      posts you have me confused with some one else.on the other
      hand you have never brought any good or not so good info to
      this board. all i did was click the wrong button and you insult my moniker and tell me to grow up?
      maybe you should stop sucking this board for free info.
      the info i give to this board is by ment for institutional
      investors,not pikers. maybe you should change your moniker
      to incubus...

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