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  • peruju81 peruju81 Mar 2, 2009 10:22 AM Flag

    NYB accused of VERY aggressive Accounting

    Wow you guys are asleep at the switch. No one here has spoken about the February 22nd article that talks about, quote audit integrity, "New York Community is a strong candidate for difficulties that could depress its stock already down more then 50% from its high". All of this is because a potential future short fall in the pension plan, tons of good will, huge incentive comp for Ficalora and very aggressive accounting.

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    • Link is worthless unless you have a subscription

    • Stop your nonsense- you attend the shareholders meetings to hand out bank trinkets while the anoited one talks about his plan to nowhere. You own a boatload of this stock you must be one of those overpaid NYB managers that wouldn't be able to make it in another place .... another yes ma'am or yes man. And you have clients too? Tell us what it is you can't be an investment advisor if you own a boatload of this stock. Stop plugging this waste material unless your claims can be substantiated by stock value.

    • Hey Koleff, I was not being figurative, if I were I would have said, some work on backs, but I specifically said you work on backs. Remember what my handle is. All kidding aside, In truth the dividend should be fine, they are very commited to keeping It. The only thing that would make them cut the dividend would be the FED, and I don't see that as a problem right now. I too, like many of my clients and yourself hold a boat load of this stock. That is why I always attend the share holder meeting in june, you should as well if you can.

    • Dear knowitido:

      You must be a psychic. I am a chiropractor, and when you said, in your previous post, "you work on backs for a living and they work off backs for a living," you did not realize that you were not only being figurative but you were being literal!

      In any event, I do have a big position in NYB, and I like the company's business model and prospects, and while this downturn in the stock price is almost incomprehensible to me, I have held all of my shares and have the expectation that they will be able to continue paying their full dividend, and in the fullness of time, this company and it's stock will be okay. However, the shorts are definitely having their day (in fact, they've been having their last couple of months!) and it is not easy to stomach all that is happening, if you are long, like me. Thanks again for gentlemanly discourse.

    • NO sweat Koleff: you sound like your having a tough time with your stock position.I told you what I tell my clients. If the market is making you sick, and you have to much exposure then cut some of your loses and sit back for a while. Don't let this stock make you tachycardic, and as per the "ckicken little crew" ignore them.They are here to elavate your BP. You work on backs for a living and they work off backs for a living.

    • Sorry, knowitido. I did not mean to speak for you (folding our tents) and I should have just included myself. Like you, I have been long on NYB, and "thought" I knew the fundamentals, thereby compelling me to continue to buy the stock from $15 per share to $9.50 per share. However, the decreasing stock price has been painful to experience, and I must admit that at least in the short term (however one is going to define "short term"), the shorts have been making money on NYB and I/we have been getting killed. I try to be objective and balanced, even when doing so, is going against my bias/position in a stock. That was my point in posting my previous message post - to give credit to where it is due - and acknowledge that the shorts (brooklyn) have been correct - so far. That is all.

      Like you, I hope that we have the long range picture of NYB's future and commensurate stock price assessed correctly, but for now, I am getting my ass kicked.

      As always, I enjoy your posts and am long on NYB for all of the various reasons and posts that I have amply stated in previous message posts.

    • JOE MUST GO!


      Is current management up to the task? 5 years and still moving down? The only consistancey is the trip downstream....again, it's never due to their ineptitude. What are these guys doing? A better question, what ARE they doing for the shareholders? Think about it!!!

    • hey man cool out all stocks have been cut inhalf or worse across the board

      soon the ones with earnings and value will retrace upwards

      tech auto insurance paper steel entertainment casino you name it

      has got wached

      nyb will recover slowly it is not worthless like many other stocks these days

      any fund including buffets down 50 % or more

      just what is going

      nothing personal with nyb in fact it has done a good job preserving and will clib back other stocks it aint gona happen

      nyb deposit book is huge !


    • Clowns? You are the clown dear for buying into the hype for the past 5 years. How do you reconcile a 5 year decline in stock price? It's always someone or something other than the people who run the company, isn't it? It's time to accept responsibility. Shareholders should insist on accountability and rid the place of the blind visionaries and suck-up lemmings like you.

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