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  • rainmaker986 rainmaker986 May 20, 2009 8:59 PM Flag

    I was wondering....

    I've bought and sold this stock several times in years past and follow it loosely. It seems to be in a long term downtrend. The earnings are stated at .28 and the div. is $1.00. Most banks in that condition have been cutting the dividend. I see and hear nothing on this one about that at all. For a long time now they have faithfully paid the .25 per quarter. Can they keep that up? What do they have that the others don't?

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    • Can't you figure it out yourself?

    • I think the earnings amount, that Yahoo has posted is an error. Specifically, the .28 cents earnings should be for the quarter and not for the year. Therefore, NYB is posted to earn about $1.12/share this year, which would more than support the one dollar per year dividend.

      As far as the stock price, admittedly, it has been in a long term downturn. The stock price cannot seem to get any upward traction despite the earnings being now on an increasing momentum upward. The company continues to pay out it's dividend and management reiterates both on it's conference calls and investor conferences that the company's fundamentals will continue to fully support the paying of this dividend and this is part of their "shareholder value" mantra.

      In comparing NYB to other banks in their sector/space, one only has to look at HCBK, AF, VLY, PBCT, to see that NYB is not alone in the stock price having been hit hard. Granted, NYB has probably taken more "of a hit" than the others' mentioned, but all of them have negative gains over the last 52 weeks, if not more.

      This is a very frustrating stock to own, hold and trade. My educated guess on why there is no traction on this stock price is because the "street" doesn't trust or like management, they don't like the generous dividend payout, and they don't trust that NYB will not suffer loan losses like the rest of the industry. Time will tell, but the management is to be commended for their commitment to the paying of the dividend through thick and thin.

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