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  • mr_ortooglo mr_ortooglo Sep 4, 2013 11:29 PM Flag

    After Hours Trading +.81c to $15.44

    What happened...?.....Something significant ~ Any news...I can't seem to find any...Up .81c to $15.44 in after hours trading...Could be a YH mistake, they make a ton all over their stock boards but we'll see how it opens up in the A.M.

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    • Forget it....'that' was the price that---was.-some weeks back....

    • Checked the NASDAQ site for after hours trades. One 300 share trade took NYCB from $14.63 to $15.44 on the last trade. Bummer. There was a 500,000 share trade at $14.63 a couple hours earlier.

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      • I'd like to know who the Full Service broker was on that trade ~ Odds on guess the buyer was a little old lady retiree that heard about NYCB at her Bridge Club and placed the order through her high priced Financial Consultant/Full Service Broker...I use to be a customer with a large WS Firm many moons ago and those advisor consultants are your best buddy as soon as they receive your transfer of funds...$250 to $400 commissions not uncommon (and that's if they give you a discount) ~ Welcome aboard Sir, I may we be of service!...

        The guy I had was always talking "we gotta do this, we gotta do that"..."We gotta prepare for retirement, kids schooling", and on and on...After a few years of lackluster trades and results I was sitting in a meeting with him when he started on the "We" kick (I think we were discussing college tuitions) and I said to him are "we" talking about MY kids college or YOUR kids college when you say "WE" ~ are you referring to MY retirement or YOURS when you say "WE" (as in his family, not mine)....Those guys are scheisters from the word GO...I wasn't a customer for very long...

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