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  • georgejewell georgejewell Feb 3, 2002 8:55 PM Flag

    It was obvious WMI news created some

    buying opportunity Friday. However, if you want to get in as long, do so only when WCNX closes above 26, preferrably Monday) But after it does, be ready to take your profit around between 29-30.

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    • Ronnie, you are so sure nothin you've done is resposible. Such ignorance must be bliss, as it really isn't your fault. Your the best dealmaker on the trash front that has come around in a while. You're confident, your results are unfaltering, and your employees haven't let you down yet. But let's face it, all business has its downside, and nothing stinks like old garbage. Fills and trucks don't age well. What a combination! Three to five year life on trucks and I can't count the environmental and ethical problems associated with a leaking fill. You've had a nice run of acquisitions and you've shown great restraint, untill recently. Showing you personal avarice (which isn't that bad either). But fundementally speaking you calling for (at best) a 25% increase in net income and you've got a 13% ($87m) dilution on the shelf for unspecified purposes. Why is your stock a 25 PE? twenty is actually high for you admitt it. You are happy at 25 and so were the institutions. But you're mad now. You think your a 25 and you want it back. You've got the convert offering around your neck ($38/share), a corporate cutback environment, and you want me to beleive that nothing is wrong. Perhaps a statistic like 'same store sales' for your industry would be helpful to analyse the true growth of your business. 14 acquisitions since Dec 31 hardly indicates why your revenue growth would be limited to 18.4% (from LTM Dec 30 of $380m including est. for 4th Q). Don't get mad at the short sellers for being so right about you. Get a hold of yourself, before mom and pop realize you're all smoke an mirrors. If you beleive you've done nothing wrong, address the issues that concern everyone generally. Why are you selling, why are you liquidating and what do you really think is going to happen next year? My projection: Share range $20-$25 upside to $30 if meets revenue expectation of $450 and Net income of $40m, or 9% margin.

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      • Well said, floatmor. Trust me...enRon and the boys read these boards. Keep 'em honest...I have sold 6,000 of my approx. 8,000 shares of this dog and pony show company and it is refreshing to have honest opinions that need to be answered. The apologist "jammit" has left for good from these boards because he was realizing that he was to easily read by me about whom he is.He will probably resurface again suggestion to you is Keep on these guys and sooner or later the Clamour gets loud enough and they respond with action. The snowball is rolling...Look out is heading right for you.

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