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  • jettcity_2000 jettcity_2000 Mar 10, 2002 12:56 AM Flag

    Faulkin and I-eat-trash

    I've read your posts and determined you are both idiots. Nothings changed in the trash business, cash flow is still strong. P.E. valuation is not largely out of whack. You are simply the dumbest investors on the planet. Keep up your posts for the entertainment value.

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    • If what I said is not the truth, then laugh all you want. The TRUTH is that officers of companies only have specific windows each year to sell their stock. The last part of February is one of them. If you look at last year on Feb 26, many of the Folsom folks UNLOADED a large amount of stocks and options. I never said anything regarding stock valuation or any metric you want to use to determine the sanity of your investment. I simply stated a FACT that I would be very suprised if enRon and his lackeys were not doing the same thing this year. The reporting lag will not allow this to be known for sometime. Just watch the insider trade list and see if my truth bears out. Unlike you, I can turn the other cheek, point out the truth and not resort to name calling.

    • Jettcity..glad we all amuse you. The only problem is that semi-insiders like you know that I speak the truth. I am still hanging on to small part of my shares hoping that cheerleaders like you are right..and this collection of idiots out in Folsom will get this thing to 36-40. Then I will bail..You can crunch your p/e's, cash flow (I assume you mean free-flowing), other bullshit stats that are spoon fed to people like you by the likes of CS First Boston and other kiss asses trying to protect their investments. It is ironic that today published in most major papers is the settlement terms from Waste Managements accounting fiasco from the 90's. Read it, see if that is ammusing to you.

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      • Jetcity, I also remember posts of yours from awhile back that scolded me on my opinions on stock options. Well, well, well..Look who agrees with me..Warren Buffet.Read the article from his notes to shareholders of his B.Hathaway stock...Then maybe some of you self proclaimed Market Intellects will learn something. Have a nice day!

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